What is YOUR #1 daily action?

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What is YOUR #1 thing?
I’ve been thinking today, about the #1 most important thing I can do each day to create, build, be do & have the life and business I want! To create and facilitate change and growth in the massage profession and beyond.

What is the most important thing?
It’s my daily self education. Without it I have nothing new to say, no inspiration, no message, and very little motivation. I thought of an image of a gymnast that runs and jumps off a springboard to do amazing tricks and sticks the perfect landing. No springboard, no tricks, no perfect landing. That’s the essential tool that sets the whole thing into motion. Without my daily work of listening, and reading and learning and expanding, there is no launch into who I need to be. There’s less creative energy, less inspiration and less motivation. I need more not less, so filling my cup each and everyday. What happens after that happens, I’m not going to stress over it (and usually a LOT happens because I like to get shit done!)

So that’s it. My number one thing. 100’s of other things on my list but they all come after or AS A RESULT OF daily listening, learning and tuning into what I need to hear and into myself each day. BAM! So what is your #1 thing for 2016?

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