10 Massage Therapy Apps You Will Love!

10 Massage Therapy Apps You Will Love!

If you have a cell phone or tablet, you can pretty much organize everything for your massage therapy business from there – from appointments and bookings to payments, training, refresher notes and even music. The only thing your cell phone can’t do is the actual massage…yet!

Here’s our go-to list of apps you’ll love.


If you have issues with staying on top of all the things a busy massage therapist has to stay on top of, like time management, diaries and more, try this app. Any.do allows you to schedule your time down to the nearest minute so that you can get all those important tasks booked in around clients and other commitments. It’s also completely FREE. Compatible with Android and iOS.

Real Bodywork

This website is a mine of useful information for massage therapists, and features massage techniques, full massage routines and even an anatomy section.  There are useful blog posts and massage and anatomy posters you can print off.  The app is suitable for iOS and Android and features lots of reference sections for areas like muscle trigger point anatomy and skeletal anatomy, plus quizzes on anatomy.

Aromahead Institute

This app, downloadable from aromahead.com, features 72 recipes for natural-healing and self-care products, all made with essential oils. Each recipe has been personally created by aromatherapy educator and author, Andrea Butje of the Aromahead Institute and along with remedies for common ailments there are ingredients, instructions and more for recipes to help in Pain Relief, Rest & Relaxation and Emotional Support. It’s compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

Books of Discovery Massage Text Books and EBooks

This collection includes Trail Guide to the Body, A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology, Trail Guide to Movement, and Applied Anatomy & Physiology for Manual Therapists.


This app, which you can customise with your own business branding, allows you to create detailed profiles for all of your clients, as well as keeping track of their appointments. If you teach classes you can manage class registrations and you can even use the app to sell products and take payments. Compatible with Android and iOS.

Massage Therapist (LMT) Client Intake Application Mobile App

The Massage Therapist (LMT) Client Intake Application is a great mobile alternative to paper client intake forms, and makes keeping up to date information about massage therapy clients easy. You can access clients’ records and see their progress before every session, which can be really helpful for clients who come to you for help with chronic pain and pain management. Available on iOS, Android and Windows.

Massage Therapy Test

If you have staff members who are learning the massage business, the Massage Therapy Test prep is a helpful  NCBTMB exam prep app designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of massage therapy and the relevant concepts for the Therapeutic Massage exam. You can take the mock tests and practice questions for the massage therapy exam, keep track of your progress and keep a record of weaker parts so that you can concentrate on them while studying. All the questions are generated by experts and likely to come up in an exam.


The meditation, yoga and relaxation music on this app is perfect for a massage clinic. There are more than 85 guided meditations and over 100 sounds that can be mixed and layered to suit your – and your clients’ moods.


If you have iTunes, you can download the Pandora app and customise lots of sounds and music that’s perfect for your clients – you can even create personalised play lists just for specific customers/treatments. Pay for the premium upgrade and you can also take your music offline. Choose a playlist, album, or song and listen to it anytime without having to have Internet connectivity. Compatible with iOS.

Reflexology SOAP Notes

The Reflexology SOAP Notes app gives you the ability to create electronic SOAP notes (Subjective, Objective, Assessment and Plan) and capture client details. It gives you a place to organize symptoms, assessments and treatment and you can add details about pressure points, reflexology massage techniques performed and other details of reflexology treatments from any mobile device.  Available for iOS, Windows and Android. You can also get the similar app for Massage Therapy.

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