6 Weeks of Money Generating Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Massage Biz!

6 Weeks of Money Generating Ideas Guaranteed to Boost Your Massage Biz!

Hi everybody! I dropped off the blogging planet because I have had a terrible case of whooping cough (who gets that!?!). Weird, but I am doing MUCH better, and I’m all inspired to introduce a new 6 week blog series. This series will highlight some of the ideas I have used in my 20 years as a massage and spa therapist. Six weeks of  posts that will give you some new ideas and we will get into all the details to help you get started! Subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss out.

Week 1: Starting with spa services. Think spa services are not for you? You might reconsider after this post. From simple spa enhancements, aromatherapy, to full body services,  spa services have therapeutic benefit and bring in the money. I will show you how to get these services booked and use them to stop giving discounts.

Week 2: Prepaid treatment packages. We will discuss the different ways to structure these, pros and cons of offering prepaid sessions and some common mistakes to avoid.

Week 3: Retail! Will retail work for you? What should you retail? Plus, how to suggest products without being pushy.

Week 4: Re-booking and rescheduling, get your clients to reserve weekly, biweekly or monthly spots. This is the key to having a steady income you can count on!

Week 5: Gift certificate sales. The more gift certificates you can sell, the more new people will be trying your services. I’ll be sharing some unique and fun marketing ideas as well as special packaging to make your business stand out.

Week 6: Upgrades and more upgrades. Got extra time? Offer it to your client. We will go over different times to offer upgrades, exact wording to use and how to use upgrades to promote your business.

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