10 Ways to Customize a Massage Session

10 Ways to Customize a Massage Session

10 Ways to Customize a Massage Session

10. Music ~ Have several playlists available for clients to choose from. You could even include some guided meditations.

9. Aromatherapy ~ Offer several choices of single oils or blends.

8. Offer service enhancements such as paraffin wax, body brushing or a foot scrub.

7. Keep some ice packs available to use when indicated.

6. Have several options for adding heat to a session. A table warmer, thermaphore, rice bags, and heated booties are all great options!

5. Customize the time. Who says you can’t offer a 45 min. or 75 min. session? Even if it’s not on your menu offer it if you have time and would be a good option for your client.

4. Give a take home hand out on stress relief, stretches, or other home care. Be sure to print your business info on them.

3. Offer a choice of tea, water, or a healthy juice after a session.

2. Ask if your client would like to start face up or face down. Some people have a preference.

1. Listen and read your client intake form, then plan your session with your clients input! Let your client know where you will start, and how you plan to work on their problem areas. See if they want only specific work or full body as well. Then give them an awesome customized treatment!

Have a wonderful and prosperous day! Gael

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