10 ways to make more money in your massage or spa business this week!

You are currently viewing 10 ways to make more money in your massage or spa business this week!

Do you want to make more money in your massage or spa business this week? Read my top 10, so you can make more money this week.

1. Return all your phone calls, even the missed ones with no messages! (see my $30,000 phone call post here https://massageandspasuccess.com/made-30000-massage-business-one-phone-call/

2. Think of a special offer (not a discount!), email it out and PROMOTE it on social media and to your email list.  When I say promote, I mean go all in, get creative, and SHARE it multiple places in multiple ways, not a couple of posts on your page so you can tell yourself it doesn’t work. 

3. Ask everyone you see to refer their friends and family. Just let your clients know you would love to be of service to their family and friends if they know anyone who might be interested. 

4. Have a two-day “flash sale” on packages of massage sessions. Limited to 5-10 packages only. Great for New Years’!

5. Sell any equipment or supplies you don’t use on the Facebook Marketplace. 

Keep reading… these last 5 ways to make more money in your massage or spa business are even better!

6. Contact 10 businesses about doing chair massage for their employees. (Get the chair massage start-up kit in the Success Collection). 

7. Contact 10 hotels or b & b’s about doing in-room massage for their guests. Check out this article Grow Your Outcall Massage Business! Working With Hotels And B&B’s https://massageandspasuccess.com/grow-your-practice-working-with-hotels-and-bbs-2/

8. Offer every client you see an upgrade, a spa enhancement, 15 more minutes, rebook for 90 minutes. Challenge yourself to offer every client an upgrade for one month and track your results!

9. Offer clients who need it another session in 1-3 days, you will be pleasantly surprised by this one. We think clients won’t come in more often than weekly, where did that belief come from? 

10. Really recommend services, upgrades, and products from your heart, and don’t be concerned with the money! It’s not about money it’s about helping people (by giving value) and receiving money in exchange for that. Throw your money beliefs away and get out there to help people, you will make a lot more $$ that way. Don’t let your money “issues” keep you from recommending what will REALLY help your client.

LOVE!! Gael

I’ve never done this before and I don’t know when I will do it again….

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