My 100 Things To Do from Leonie Dawson’s Amazing Year in Life and Biz Planner!

100 Things to Do in 2014/Amazing Life Planner!!

Ok, here’s my list, no resolutions for me just a list of things I want to do. I hope you will join me and make your own list. Post it in the comments if you would like. I’m going public with my list this year for motivation and accountability!

I have tons of business goals, financial goals, personal, and family goals. I will post as much as I feel comfortable posting on the internet.

Here’s a picture of my list it’s from the Amazing Year in Life and Biz Planner from Leonie Dawson. This is my second year using the planner. It is so helpful to review the past year and plan for the new one! The planner helps me to get clear with my vision and breaks it down into DOABLE steps.

Here is my list.


1.    Launch my NEW LMT resources site! (I’m so excited about this it will have so much more information, class listings and much more.J)

2.    Finish E-book #1 (about 85% done at this point)

3.    Finish E-book #2 (about 40% done right now)

4.    Set weekly and monthly re booking, upgrading, and product sales goals at the spa. (this goes with the next one)

5.    Make $XXXX XX.00(It’s a big # for me, sorry, I don’t feel totally comfortable sharing the exact  amount)

6.    Schedule and have a monthly planning and goal setting day to keep on track with my goals.

7.    Create and launch a new product line.

8.    Start and finish book #3.

9.    Start and finish Tony Robbins Personal Power program (I’m on day 4)

10. Get a new laptop (got a new used one December 31! On it right now.)

11. Simplify my e-mail inbox aka unsubscribe to stuff!!

12. Write 26 blog posts (only 25 more to go!)

13. Take all IMAGE webinars (skin care line we use at work, should help with #5 )

14. Get my CEU teaching certification.

15. Take a Lomi Lomi class, yay!!

16. Take Bellanina Facelift Massage class, will probably do home study for this one.

17. Bellanina instructor training.

18. Repeat Business Goddess Course, did it last year too.

19. Try Dragon Naturally Speaking software.

20. Take ½ of weekends off this year. This is BIG since I work at a spa.

21. Take photos for book #1

22. Start an Idea Book for product line.

23. Retire from office work at the spa. I’ve been helping out with some projects, but I want to focus on my own.

24. Take at least one class on maximizing my social media efforts, maybe pinterest…

25. Finish the free writing class I’m taking on


26. Start saving for retirement, I’m not getting any younger! 🙂

27. Pay off CC #1

28. Pay off CC #2

29. Make a savings plan for general savings.

30. Finish reading Donna’s $ Book 110 steps to heal your Money

31. Make a giving plan.

32. Give more!

33. Read the recommended reading for Amazing Biz and Life Academy

House and Home

34. Clean up the yard.

35. Work in my flower beds.

36. New washer and dryer, upstairs not in icky basement

37. New plumbing

38. Bookshelves for living room

40. Buy new pillows!!

41. Fix water-in-the-yard problem. So many people in this world do not have access to fresh clean water, and I have a mountain full of springs that are running under my house, seems so wrong.

42. Make T a homework desk.

43. Finish painting kitchen cabinets.

45. Buy some curtains.

46. Make a nice display for my Grandma’s linens, pinterest!!


47. Start my day with a morning routine (gratitude,affirmations, Most Important Tasks list)

48. Celebrate my birthday!!

49. Romantic getaway with hubs.

50. 12 DATE NIGHTS, if we can do this it will be a miracle!!

51. Keep the basement clean, HA!

52. Read Catherine Ponder books.

53. Get new health insurance.

54. Go to the Dentist, wahhh!!

55. Get a monthly facial; I’m doing great on regular massage so adding facials to my self care plan.

56. Visit Universities with G, my little girl is going to college!!

57. Help with G’s band camp and head up food committee.

58. Go to ALL the band competitions. This means working no Saturdays in October!

59. Help G find a job, the girl needs a job.

60. Take T to the aquarium.

61. Family bowling.

62. Family game nights.

63. Play dates for T and J

64. Have a snowball fight, my son wants to do this, I hate the cold sooooo much!

65. Pedicures with G.

66. Go to T’s wrestling tournaments. THIS is why I can’t work every weekend J.

67. Go to Fun Depot, T’s birthday??

68. Swimming lessons for T.

69. Summer beach trip!

70. Special day in Asheville with G.

71. Go to the lake.

72. Go hiking, hopefully lots of this.

73. Visit cousins.

74. Exercise, find some I like!

75. Take my friend Mary’s veil dancing class.

76. Take a photography class.

77. Keep drinking my green smoothies.

78. Eat less chicken, haha, I’ve been in a food rut.

79. Take Creative Goddess course

80. Take an art class, maybe jewelry making??

81. Go shopping and lunching with my cousin, and no kids.

82. Eat foods that make me feel great (and figure out what those are).

83. Get a new hairstyle.

84. Listen to positive stuff in the car.

85. Make a dreamboard!

86. Spring rock climbing trip.

87. Paint my room

88. Paint the living room, or have it painted!

89. Paint furniture ala pinterest.

90. Get a waxing set up for my house.

91. Holiday trip somewhere VERY warm and beachy, Florida Keys??

92. Get enough sleep for me.

93. Find some new music. Feel free to give me suggestions. 🙂

94. Start singing, don’t worry I will NOT be posting videos of this!

95. Read Both Ends of the Rainbow by Gloria Coppola

96. Paint with watercolors.

97. Learn about crystals.

98. Do guided meditations.

99. Order a new paypal card.

100. Take tons of pictures, especially of my kids.

Well, that ought to keep me busy, and out of trouble!! Update coming in late December 2014.

What are your Amazing Goals for 2014??