3 Awesome Facebook Ads for Wellness Professionals

3 Awesome Facebook Ads for Wellness Professionals

3 Awesome Facebook Ads for Wellness Professionals

by Delight Iverson

You’ve probably heard that Facebook is constantly changing their algorithm. And they’ve recently announced that over the next year, they’ll be making more changes to show posts from business pages less in the news feed.

So, this means that when you make a post on your business page, it will likely get less and less organic (free) reach and show up in fewer and fewer of your followers’ news feeds.

Before you panic and start to feel that all hope is lost for your social media marketing, take a breath.

Yes, this does mean that you’re going to have to pay to play in order to connect with your existing and potential clients on Facebook. And that’s ok. Because if you have a solid strategy, you can still get a great Return on Investment (ROI) for the money that you invest into Facebook ads.

However, if you attempt to dive into Facebook ads without any training or knowledge, it can be a money pit. Real quick.

So before you start hitting that boost button and spraying your posts out over the interwebs in hopes of finding someone who’s interested, take a moment to plan a strategy with these types of ads.

Facebook Ads: Overall Strategy

Sales and promotional ads generally don’t get great results on Facebook. Unless you’re putting them in front of an audience who already knows who you are. If you work on building your audience and connecting with them through your content and ads, then when you’re ready to do a special promotional offer, they’ll be much more interested in buying.

Facebook Ad 1: Video View Ads

These ads are awesome because they allow you to very quickly build your audience on Facebook. For cheap! Facebook loves video and makes it inexpensive for business owners to promote our videos with ads.

Plus, video is a wonderful way to help your potential clients get to know you a little bit more and see if they connect with your style and your energy.

Ok, so you’re nervous about doing videos and posting on social media. Yep. So is everyone. No one is saying that you have to. But I’m telling you that it’s the cheapest, fastest way to grow your audience of potential clients.

Facebook Ad 2: Post Engagement Ads

These ads can also be very inexpensive when they’re used with an engaging, interesting post to your page. These ads work well to get your posts with text and static images out to a larger audiences.

You’ll get the best ROI on these ads with a post that asks for an answer to a question, a picture in the comments, a gif, etc. When the post is designed to promote engagement in the comments you can spend just a few dollars a day to build engagement on the post.

With both video views ads and post engagement ads, you’re working to build up your audience. You’re warming up people to your energy, your vibe, your style. And you can create audiences inside of the Facebook ads dashboard to capture everyone who interacts with your video or post in order to show them more from you.

Which brings me to…

Facebook Ad 3: Promo Retargeting Ads

Of course, you’ll want to do some Facebook ads for any special offers or promos that you’re doing for your business. And these ads are going to work best if the people who see them already know who you are.

Let’s say you offer some kind of special for the month of February. If you blast your February special out to everyone in your local area, you might get a few takers. But you’re unlikely to get a great ROI because these people don’t know you at all.

However, if you’ve been investing in video views and/or post engagement ads, you’ll have an audience of people who already know you and have been following you. When you show them an ad for your February special, they are WAY more likely to buy. And to share it with a friend. And to become lifelong clients.

In conclusion, the best way to play the Facebook game in 2018, is to strategically use your ads budget to connect with people and grow your audience. And then retarget your new audience with a special offer to help convert them into customers.

 Delight Iverson


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