5 Great Ways to Promote Your Massage or Spa Biz

5 Great Ways to Promote Your Massage or Spa Biz

Social Media is great, and you can incorporate it into some of these ideas, but there is so much more that we can do to promote massage business and spa business!

1. Volunteer your time: (this does not just mean free massage)volunteer with your local chamber, or business association find out what activities they have in the works. Girl Scouts (they have a badge we helped them earn with a “spa day”), Local schools (teacher appreciation day, or speaking to a health class). Donate your awesome gift wrapped gift certificates to a worthy cause. Be a collection site for a good cause collecting blankets, canned goods, toiletries, coats or toys. Call a local food pantry or shelter to find out what they need. Be sure to volunteer as your business and keep your cards in your back pocket. You will be handing them out a lot!

2. Write an article, about anything! I wrote an article about local shopping and the local paper published it. Who knew?

3. Go to a business association meet and greet. Go, even if you don’t know anyone, and your tired. It will be worth it and you will probably have fun. There is nothing like talking to people In Real Life.

4. Shop Locally!! It is well worth a few extra dollars to become a face people know in your community. Chat with the folks in the shops and leave your cards and brochures behind. You will be establishing relationships that may last for years. That won’t happen at Walmart.

5. Sell “Gift Ready” gift certificates! Think gift bag, tissue paper, card or tag, a few chocolates, small candle, or product samples. For a couple of extra dollars you can make a plain gift card something really special. Be sure to take pictures for all your promotional materials. Men will love you for taking care of all these details for them! Save money on your supplies by shopping a year ahead when things are 75% off, or at the dollar store. For many more ideas and details on implementing them, check out my E-book Massage and Spa Marketing Have an awesome and prosperous day! Gael

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