8 ways to save money on massage business supplies

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#1 Apply for your EIN number. Then you can open wholesale accounts with companies like Frontier you do not have to resell to have an EIN number, just need to use what you buy for money making business purposes.

#2 Buy Used stuff! I keep a close eye on the craigslist health and beauty section, and also use the search feature. Spas go out of business, and lots of people go to massage school but never end up practicing. I also hit the thrift stores to look for nice twin size sheets (in like-new condition). I know thrift shopping is not for everyone, but it’s a bit of a hobby for me. You just can’t go with the idea of finding any specific item, be open minded.

#3 Get the COUPON CODE, before you ever check out online search Google for a coupon code that you can use. Check the facebook page of the business you are shopping with as well. Example: massage warehouse coupon code

#4 Price Shop on Amazon and Ebay: buy directly from the manufacturer and save, this does take some extra time and you may or may get a warranty. Be sure to check shipping prices and shipping time, these items are sometimes shipped from overseas.

#5 Buy off season for the next year and save up to 90% on gift bags, decorations, cards, sheets (example: winter flannel sets go on clearance in March), and even gift certificates.

#6 Take advantage of coupons and rewards points from stores. This can take a little extra time and planning, but you can really save $$. Think Staples rebates and rewards, CVS extra bucks, and actually sending in rebate forms.

#7 Stock up and save! When something is a good deal buy enough for several months or even a few years. Example: Massage Warehouse has an annual sale on their sheet sets, great time to stock up. Also if you just purchased something and see it on sale call and ask for the sale price, some businesses will give you a credit to your account or a refund on the price difference.

#8 Barter and Share: Why buy something you might only use a few times a year, like a massage chair? Trade a session to borrow one, or offer to rent it for the day. Barter for services you need such as bookkeeping or advertising. Just be sure to make crystal clear arrangements about the barter terms to avoid misunderstandings.

I hope these tips will help you to save money in your massage business, and to be more profitable.

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  1. David Klusener

    Appreciate this effort. It is always helpful to order using the coupon codes, the more you buy the more discount you’ll get. As far as the used materials are concerned, I would not buy them myself, individual opinion. The best is the Barter and Share option, very useful for small businesses.

    1. Gael Wood

      Yes, some people don’t do used, certainly a personal choice. I will buy “gently used” items.

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