A Few Things That Are Helping Me Right Now During COVID-19

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I know that everyone’s situation is different, but I wanted to share a few things that are helping me right now. 

I wrote this in April 2020, but these ideas are still helping me now. Update: we are a homeschooling family now.

  • Getting up in the morning, my gratitude practice, positive affirmations, and planning my day. 
  • Getting ready for the day, dressed in non-pajamas, shower, make up, etc…
  • Having a schedule, it’s not a strict time schedule but we are getting up at 7 am and starting schoolwork at 9 am and have established a rhythm for the days. Everybody feels better when they know what to expect. 
  • Helping my son sort through his school work and making a plan. I look through everything from his teachers and we create a daily check list with details for example: complete assignment X, turn in assignment X, check for any missing assignments ect… I’m also adding his chores to his list.
  • We take breaks between subjects and work tasks for me, do a chore, grab a snack, check the mail etc… then back to focusing for 30-40 minutes.
  • Picking up school food at 4pm has been a lifesaver, not because we need the food but it gives us something to leave the house for, and a time to end the work/school day. The food is also very helpful because I am not a short order chef, and it’s very nice to have the extra food around that my son can just grab and eat. We seem to be doing a lot of eating.
  • Exercise, this is one of my top priorities every day for both of us, outside if possible, twice a day is the best for us. Older kids can be sent out for a run, YouTube has thousands of free exercise videos. I also like apps like seven minute workouts.
  • Having fun and being silly, watching comedies, cranking up some music joking about being on house arrest, it all helps. 
  • Compromising my standards on housework, TV times etc… I’m trying not to sweat any small stuff.
  • Helping people by checking on friends and family, sharing resources with other parents and business owners when I can. 
  • Limiting news watching and social media, so I can focus on my kid, my work and health.
  • Self care – back to basics, eating my fruits and vegetable, taking my vitamins and allergy medicine, drinking water all day, exercise and stretching. 
  • Projects, I’m tackling small decluttering and cleaning projects if/when I have a burst of energy. I cleaned under the couches (that is where ALL the socks were), I sorted through some books and picked some out to donate. Little wins that make me feel good. 
  • If I get lonely, sad or stir crazy, I reach out and call a friend or family member for a visit.
  • This week we are exploring our town and campus a bit varying our neighborhood walks and seeing some humans from an appropriate distance. A local art gallery is giving out “little free art packets” so we will go and get one today. 
  • Setting the table and having family dinner is also nice and gives us a bit more of a routine. We often don’t have time for this with after school activities but it’s a new daily habit that we all enjoy. I don’t do dinner cleaning if I cook, the boys can handle it, I sit myself down and relax!

I don’t accomplish all of this everyday, but most days we do most of it and end the day feeling good and successful. When we don’t I practice grace and forgiveness because tomorrow is another day. I also have a good cry or a nap when I need it. 

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