What should you ask BEFORE you take a Massage Therapy Job?

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What important questions should you ask before taking a massage therapy job in a massage office, chiropractic practice, spa, or massage chain? It’s easy to get excited about a job offer, only to find out later that your expectations and your bosses don’t exactly line up. Hopefully you can avoid that situation by using this list. Most of these questions only apply to an employee, not an independent contractor situation.

I am staying out of the independent contractor versus employee issue for this post, but I’ll visit that topic soon. Visit the IRS website if you need clarity on that. http://www.irs.gov/taxtopics/tc762.html

Here’s the list:

Will you be an independent contractor or an employee?

How are the appointments booked? (Seniority, booking order, client requests) Is a receptionist on duty?

Will you be paid by the hour, the massage or both? How much?

What sidework will you be expected to do? Laundry, cleaning, checking out your clients, answering the phone, marketing?

Will taxes be taken out of your check? This should be answered by the above question (IC vs Employee), but some business owners don’t even understand the difference.

What day and how often will you be paid?

Do you keep 100% of your tips? When do you get them? Are there any fees for processing tips?

Will you be able to earn bonuses? Will you be able to earn product commissions? How much? How will this be tracked?

What do you need to do to get a raise? Are there regular performance reviews?

Are there any health insurance benefits? Paid Vacation? Paid CEU classes?

Are there any other fees taken out of your paycheck? For example: back-bar products, or uniforms?

What hours are you needed to work? Full time? Part time? On call? Weekends? Every weekend?

What are the “hands on” times for each session? How much time is scheduled in between sessions?

Will you ever be working alone in the building with clients? If so, what client screening and safety procedures are in place?

Are trades allowed for self care? What is the guideline for trades? Are there any fees for trades?

Is there a policy for dealing with inappropriate clients?

How many massages will you be expected to give per day or per shift? Is this up to you? How are breaks scheduled? How are lunch breaks scheduled?

If on-call how much notice will you be given to come in? Will you be expected to be available all day?

Is anyone “called off” if the day is slow?

What is the procedure for requesting days off? What is the procedure should you get sick or have an emergency?

What will you be expected to wear? Is it provided?

What kind of advertising and marketing do they do? Will you be expected to market yourself?

I’m sure this list isn’t everything there is to ask, but it’s a good start. You may even be able to ask some of these questions

Best of luck in finding the right massage therapy job for you, and you might want to check out my blog post on fair pay for a massage therapy job over here >> http://massageandspasuccess.com/fair-pay-massage-work/




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