Avoid Problems When Selling Prepaid Massage Packages with These Tips.

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Avoid problems when selling Massage Session packages, with these tips.

Massage service packages can greatly enhance you business and income. Packages reward and encourage clients to receive regular massage, and provide steady income for the massage therapist. When planning your package program be sure to figure out your policies and procedures to avoid any misunderstandings with clients.

1.       Will you sell packages of 3, 5, 10 or more massages? I prefer prepaid over buy 5 get a freebie. I think you will see clients more regularly with everything paid for up front.

2.       What tracking system will you use to keep up with massages used and massages left to use. Will clients need to sign for each session?

3.       Will packages be “sharable” if so with how many other people? Family only?

4.       Will you issue gift certificates on package massages? For example Mrs. Smith would like to get her daughter a gift certificate. Can she use up one of her prepaid services?

5.       Will the sessions ever expire?

6.       What is your refund policy if someone is moving away or changes their mind?

7.       Will clients be able to use their massages on other services? For example a client would like to use a one hour massage on a hot stone massage, will they pay the difference between the regular price and the hot stone or the package price and the hot stone?

8.       What is your cancellation policy and will package massages be forfeited in the case of a no show or last minute cancellation?

I think I’ve covered all the bases, if I have left anything out please add your suggestions to the comments. Write up your guidelines and have clients sign a copy and take one with them.

Wishing you much success!! Gael