Massage and Spa Back to School Specials

Over the school holidays, if you had a dollar for every harassed mom who said she REALLY needed a massage you would probably be able to close your massage and spa business for a week and fly out to the Bahamas.

When the summer vacation is all over and life has returned to near normal, there are stressed parents everywhere looking for some respite, and a little treat after the weeks of ‘Mom, I’m bored’ from their little darlings. So why not come up with a few back to school specials that will soothe and restore them again?

Pamper Package

Most Moms will have spent a lot of the school holidays on their feet. Whether they’ve been on a vacation with the kids, on day trips or just running around after them constantly, the first part of their body (well, other than their nerves) that needs to recuperate is probably their feet. Promote overall stress relief, well-being and foot care with a package that will give real results; a ‘Take the Weight Off’ pamper package offering a reflexology session with all the extras!

Full Foot Treatment

Cover all bases with an aromatic foot soak with essential oils, sugar or salt scrub, relaxing massage and reflexology, followed by a moisturizing foot mask or paraffin wax treatment. You’re your mom is relaxed, you can complete the treatment with a choice of polish and she’ll feel just like new!

Pick & Mix Grooming Package

Another area that busy moms neglect when the kids are home is their own personal grooming. Let’s be honest, who has the time for a wax, a facial or manicure when they have a houseful of little ones to keep entertained? Taking them to the salon is a no-no so after a few weeks, unless they’ve managed to sneak off for an afternoon of me-time, they’ll be in need of some upkeep. A pick and mix package for all the bits they’ve missed, with discounts for the more treatments they book at one time, could be a winner.

Add A Facial & Save

So, if they are coming in for their wax, you could offer 10 per cent off a regular facial booked at the same time, and if two treatments are booked, offer a further discount on a manicure or an eyebrow/lash treatment. They don’t have to have all the treatments at the same time, but they must be booked at the same time. Promote it as ‘Back to school and back to YOU’ to encourage moms to book the deals, and get them feeling more like themselves after a frazzled few weeks.

Old Reliable: Back to School Massage Package

Finally, a massage package is always a winner with moms who have been feeling stressed from all the extra demands of their kids. Offer a Back to School Massage deal – all full body, aromatherapy or shoulder, neck and back massages are 10 per cent off if booked for the first two weeks after the holidays – and add in a 15 minute foot massage as a free upgrade.

The main thing to remember is that all summer long moms everywhere have been focusing on everyone but themselves – so you’re going to put the focus right back onto them and make them feel special.

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  1. Karen

    Strike the iron while it’s still hot. I think this is one of the best enlightening article I’ve read in a couple of months. Whoever came up with the back to school massage pack must have been heavens sent. Parents, if you don’t acknowledge the vast benefits of massage at this age, probably you’re not in this planet. Let’s endeavor to spoil our kids and help them grow knowing and benefiting from massage. As a dedicated and experienced podiatrist, I can assure you that it works. However, I would wish to point out this. Some of the essential oils’ perfumes may not be your kid’s preference. Therefore, do a good research on what works well even as you buy a package for kid’s back to school.

  2. Caryn Skupien

    Hi Gael, I been doing massage. If a name for business is massage & spa. When can I use the word spa?
    In the name?

  3. Hari Riverday Spa

    Superb post! The information is so true.I just really loved reading your article.Thanks for sharing.

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