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We know how busy it can get when you’re running your own beauty business, and anything that can make life easier for a busy esthetician has got to be a bonus, right?

All you need is a cell phone or tablet, to manage pretty much everything for your beauty business. As well as the obvious things like bookings, you can get apps that educate, apps that remind you and apps that give you music for your treatment rooms.

We’ve compiled a list of ten must-have apps for your beauty business.


It can be hard to remember everything you have to do – and not just your appointments. Deliveries, stock orders, organizing staff leave and more, it’s easy to forget. is an app that lets you plan absolutely everything – tasks, important calls, and more and schedules it down to the minute, so you never need to forget anything again. It’s a free app that’s available for Android and iOS.


This amazingly helpful app gives you access to every type of form you can imagine for your business, from skin care consultations to waxing consent forms. Just download the app and you can use the forms as they are, or if you go online you can upload a bespoke form and have your own clinic apps turned into a personalized form for your clients.


If you want to use an app with your beauty business that lets you keep your own branding and offer your clients a really great user experience, this app is a treasure trove. You can record information about all your clients, and create a detailed profile that covers their treatments, conditions and any health considerations. You can also sell after care products and take payments using the app. Compatible with Android and iOS.


Never be stuck for a list of ingredients again; cosmetics gives a full list of ingredients with one bar code scan so that you can tell if there are any allergens or just check the list at the swipe of a bar code.

The barcode scanner scans any beauty product and the screen displays the analyzed products. If the product contains ingredients that the client is allergic to, or just doesn’t want to use, like animal derived for example, you get an alert. It’s customized for businesses and can also give you recommendations and an ingredient dictionary that links to Wikipedia.


Does your spa run relaxation classes? If you have yoga, mindfulness, meditation or similar, you might like the Ipnos app which has 85 guided meditations and over 100 different sounds that can be mixed up and layered to create the perfect soundtrack to the class.


Perfect for iPhones, the Pandora app lets you customize sounds and music to create a spa background noise that’s perfect for your clients – and if you want to give people to real personal touch, there’s even the option to create individual play lists for specific customers and treatments. If you want to use them offline without Internet, you’ll have to upgrade to the premium upgrade and you can also take your music offline. Choose a playlist, album, or song and listen to it anytime without having to have Internet connectivity. Compatible with iOS.


Keep all your SOAP notes in one convenient place – the Zenoti app. This app makes it easy for spas, skin clinics and other medical spas to digitally document clients’ treatments using SOAP notes.

If you offer a variety of treatments, you can design a separate form for each so that your intake form captures the guest’s medical history along with a different form for each treatment.

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