Think Business Cards are outdated? Think again!

Think Business Cards are outdated? Think again!

Think Business Cards are outdated? Think again!

In these days of social media and smart phones, the humble business card seems to have gone by the way in terms of marketing. But for a massage or spa business, business cards are just as important as an up to date Facebook Page. They can be an inexpensive yet powerful way of getting new clients and business when used properly.

Have you ever got talking to someone while you’re at a party or even walking the dog and realized that they are your ideal client? You could swap numbers of course but a business card can tell them so much more about your business without them having to Google you later.

A good business card should;

Explain what you have to offer

Apart from the obvious, your card should tell people what you actually do. Add a description that covers what you do and gives it a bit of personality too. Add a tag line like;

“Come in stressed and leave stretched” (Thai massage)

“We’ve got your back”

“It’s good to be kneaded”

“If you break it, we can fake it” (Nails)


Include a call to action

Give your potential customers a really good reason to call you RIGHT NOW and book that appointment. It could be an offer like a free consultation or 10 per cent discount on presentation of the card.


Keep it looking professional

It goes without saying that your contact details must always be up to date, the spellings and grammar correct and the layout crisp and attractive. Opt for some professional quality business cards, and pay attention to detail. Choose a good quality card and make sure that you use high resolution image files – there’s nothing that screams ‘cheap and cheerful’ more than a fuzzy business logo.

Once you have them, keep your cards in a clean, safe place like a card holder to avoid handing out scuffed, dirty or marked cards.


Give your cards out strategically

Your spa and massage business cards are like tiny billboards for your business – they have the potential to attract exactly the right people at just the right time when you use them well. You could pin them to public bulletin boards, or leave them in restaurant bowls and other places where your target audience might see them.

Look for natural opportunities to hand out a business card – if you’re having a conversation about massage, beauty or anything related you can just effortlessly pull out a card and say, “Well, funny you should mention that but…”

What you shouldn’t do is just give them to people with no reason or invitation. That’s just irritating. And don’t ever give people a whole bunch of them unless they’ve expressly offered to hand them out on your behalf.


Maximize your card’s content area

You can use the back of a business card as well as the front, so don’t be afraid to make the most of it. Why not use the back for useful information like your salon opening times, or a small map? Don’t fill all of it in – people often write on business cards so leave a small area blank at least.

Business cards are still a great option for getting the word out to your potential clients – invest a little time and effort and this inexpensive business tool could pay back in dividends.

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