Chair Massage As A Promotional Tool

Chair Massage As A Promotional Tool

Chair Massage As A Promotional Tool

In a crowded massage market, we are all looking for ways to promote our businesses and gain new clients. Many massage therapists take their massages out to offices and workplaces, and it’s certainly a great way to gain visibility. But is chair massage really a good way to get repeat business? Do people take it for granted or will a 20-minute chair massage convert them to a paying client?

First, should you offer chair massage for free?

It’s up to you, but sometimes people appreciate things more if they have to pay for them. Having said that, it’s important to make your massage affordable – so market your chair massage as an extra affordable treat that workers can have in their lunch break. Stress the point that you’re saving them the inconvenience of travelling to a massage clinic or spa after work, and you’re helping them to relieve their desk-bound stress. That’s worth paying for!

Massage is a great service for desk-bound workers!

In addition to promoting corporate massage services as a stress relief service, you can also promote it as a way to boost energy when you’re desk-bound. Tell them that you’ll be using techniques designed to increase blood flow to their brain, so they will be more alert and productive. You could also offer a more specialised service for any employees who have individual health requirements; perhaps offer Indian Head Massage tasters for people who suffer from migraine, headaches or sinus pressure?

Desk-bound workers are prime candidates for musculoskeletal problems, back pain and bad posture so you could introduce a posture clinic style massage session on a regular basis to address poor posture, back and shoulder complaints and anything related to sitting at a desk all day. Demonstrate a few helpful stretches to relieve physical and mental stress and show them a few breathing techniques if you think they could use some relaxation help in a stressful office environment.

Professional Boundaries with Corporate Massage

Corporate massage is similar to in-spa massage in that you’ll have to manage being warm and approachable with keeping a professional distance; you’ll find that employees will want to tell you their problems and you’ll have to learn how to wrap up a massage without making them feel as if you can’ t wait to get away – while at the same time making sure that you DO get away and onto your next client, as time is even more of the essence with a shorter treatment.

Don’t be tempted to get involved in office gossip, and certainly never ever pass it on. Try to encourage a bit of calm and relaxation – the chair massage sessions aren’t designed to be gossip with a shoulder rub. At the same time, it’s good to reassure your clients that everything they tell you is totally confidential.

How can you get started?

It’s possible to get office massage sessions by approaching the HR sections of large businesses in your area and offering your services; you might even get the company to pay for the massages which will increase take up of paid massage from satisfied employees. Networking is also key. Find out where the regular business networking groups meet in your area and attend them – you could give a demonstration of just get talking to business people in the area.

Promote massage to businesses as an employee benefit that will improve productivity and reduce absenteeism. Then, give busy workers a massage that makes them want to come back (and pay) for more!

Chair massage is a big money maker and a low overhead fun business to run.

That’s why I created the Chair Massage Start-Up Kit!

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  1. Joy Butler

    I agree with what you have mentioned about promoting corporate massage services as a stress relief service in a company. In that way, you are not only promoting it as a way of boosting the energy of your employees, but you are also making them enjoy the work more. I assure you that when it happens, you can expect of a more positive output on their productivity.

  2. Rosie Beckett

    My husband is trying to find ways to make his office more fun and relaxing for his employees and I am glad that I found this article because I had no idea there are so many benefits of offering free massages. You make a great point that you can promote the massage as a stress relieve service for employees and it would be a great way to keep energy and morale up for my husband’s employees who work at a desk all day. Also, the fact that the masseuse can provide breathing and stretching techniques for greater relaxation in the workplace would be a huge benefit.

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