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Coupons not Groupons, Marketing Massage with Coupons

Many Massage Therapists are doing Groupon type deals to bring in business. Consider using a coupon marketing or special offer that you can promote yourself instead. You will make a lot more money running your own promotion. Run some ads on Facebook directing people to your website or online newsletter to print their coupon. You could even do a prize to encourage people to share your offer, this will increase your reach for free.

Coupons can be used to generate business by giving potential clients and active clients an incentive to take action. Please word your coupons carefully and use and expiration date to encourage clients to call. I once put out a $5 off coupon and had a client bring in 5 of them; she wanted $25 off of her service!

If you start a new client offer, make sure your existing clients have access to it one time as well. It is not good business to exclude your regular loyal clients from any specials.

Have a few friends read over it to make sure your offer is crystal clear.

Hand out coupons for an upgrade of a service enhancement or extra massage time rather than discounting the services you have priced and count on to pay your bills. A few examples of upgrades are: extra time, foot scrub, back scrub, aromatherapy or hot stones.
Have  a coupon offer printed on the back of your business card or the bottom of your rack card. This will encourage people to hold onto your information.

Add a coupon to your client newsletter.

Send a coupon with a first time client thank you letter and birthday cards.

If you have any additional ideas or questions, I would love to hear from you in the comments!



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  1. Cath Cox

    How much does it cost to reach the same number of people on Facebook as you would on Groupon?

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