Create your 2015 massage business plan and goals

Create your 2015 massage business plan and goals

Happy Merry Christmas Holidays!!

I am so excited I just love the thought of a new year! I love the planning, the goal setting, and especially looking forward to Summer.

I had a bit of a breakthrough yesterday driving in the car going on a four day trip with my mother. My mom asked me several months ago to do something with her that was very important. I agreed made a commitment and put this on my calendar, and despite many many obstacles I got on the road because I had made a commitment. My son had the flu, my clients had to be cancelled and rescheduled more than once (thankfully they are awesome and understanding), my husband, daughter and even my ex-husbands mother pitched in to help. Because I had made a commitment and a promise.

So I got to thinking, why don’t I have that same level of commitment to my goals and my dreams? I let things get in my way, I postpone, I say I will get it done tomorrow, later and next week. I need to up my level of commitment to my self and my dreams.

Just like this trip. I need to plan it, schedule it, and do what it takes to get it done. No matter what. There will be obstacles. I will need to regroup, detour, and figure out, but I need to make my commitment to my dreams as important as my promise to my mom. My goals won’t happen with excuses, tomorrow’s  and procrastination.

I did reach many of my 2014 goals, I just know in my heart I could have done more. My house won’t get paid off with part time effort! So this year my word of the year is promise. I’m making a promise to myself to give my all, and to keep going when life gets in the way! It may not be perfect or always look like I thought but I promise too keep going. I promise ME I will stay up late, ask for help and do what I need to do. This girls dreams are coming true!

If you would like to join me on setting goals and making 2015 your year, check out this amazing planning tool 2015 Create Your Shining Year Planner.

This will be my third year using it. Since starting with this planner I have started writing, started a  website and a blog, written two ebooks, became a CEU provider, launched my first class, and reached many personal goals as well.

Check this out:  I saw these stats from a guy named Dr. David Kohl who studies these things.  He said:

  • 80% of Americans claim that they don’t have goals
  • 16% of them have goals, but they don’t write them down
  • Only 3% actually have written goals, but they don’t review them regularly
  • Only 1% has written goals and they review them regularly, and these are among the highest achievers in the US

Let’s be the 1%!! Are you in?

This is a very fun and creative way to make your massage business plan, set your goals, and start the year off motivated!




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