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Are you frustrated with your marketing results?

This is so common in our industry, after all we decided to be therapists to HELP people, not spend our time stressing out about bills, becoming marketing experts, clients that don’t respect us or our time, and want discounts or freebies! The last two can actually happen because our marketing is reaching the wrong audience!

This is is why I’ve decided to offer a free video series that will help you figure this marketing thing out, I promise it gets easier. Before it gets easier though there are some foundational pieces that need to be in place.

Watch the Video Series Here

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  1. Irma B Jackson

    I enjoyed the first replay of the 5 marketing mistakes and I am sure I have done and continue to do #1,2and 5. Tried to keep everything about the same but really have no presence on social media. I am interested to see who my target clients are and how to market to them successfully.

    Irma J

  2. Reshauna McArthur

    Excited to learn new marketing strategies.

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