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Creating a relationship with your clients will definitely go a long way to help boost your business – it keeps people coming back which is great for your regular cash flow. It’s not just good for you, though – your clients appreciate the extra effort too. Give them a great service and make them feel valued; they will feel that they can trust you to take care of their massage, health and skin care needs and keep returning.

Make your clients feel as if they are part of something by offering them membership to a loyalty club or VIP program. This type of program has used for years and still works well to retain clients, whatever your business. Running a client loyalty program should be top of the list of ways to encourage repeat business. Think about what rewards you can offer repeat clients – free treatments or discounts after they book a certain number of treatments always work well. Taking care of existing clients should be as important a part of your marketing strategy as attracting new ones.

Train your staff, or yourself, to always try to schedule a repeat visit at the end of a treatment. You can suggest an optimum time for rebooking, or give them options, but make it as easy as possible. There’s nothing wrong with mentioning that the schedule is filling up and so it would be advisable to book early, either. Give your client an incentive to rebook on the spot – you can do it for them, give them a reminder card and book in a text reminder so they don’t miss their next appointment.

Offer incentives like free gifts (home care products work great) when a client books a specific treatment, or two treatments at the same time. This gets them rebooking and may also encourage them to book a treatment that they might not have thought about trying until you mention it.

Make your spa or massage business stand out and win customers over with extra attention to detail. For example, does it make you feel special when your neighborhood barista makes a point to remember your regular coffee order, or someone in a store goes over and above to help you when you’re looking for an item in a shop? That’s how you want your clients to feel, and what you want them to remember you for.

Keep notes on your client record cards about likes and dislikes or make a note of anything they mention wanting to try during an appointment. You can remind them when they visit next, and make sure their likes are catered for. Making a note of any concerns they bring up also gives you an opportunity to up-sell without them even realising. If they talk about big events coming up during their treatment – a party, wedding or new job, make a note to ask them how things went or are going on their next visit. It will make them feel valued and not just one of many identical clients. These little things really do go a long way.

Reward your regulars often with offers, freebies and even thank you cards. Consider offering rewards if they introduce a friend, and remember word of mouth is one of the best forms of marketing!

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