6 Things You Can Do to Supercharge Your Massage or Spa Biz Success

You are currently viewing 6 Things You Can Do to Supercharge  Your Massage or Spa Biz Success

Systems = Consistency = Results

It really is that simple. Manage your time, get more DONE and achieve great results.

How can you use systems to super-charge your massage or spa biz  success?

  1. Have a list of activities that you do each day (or at least each workday). Here’s an example:Daily Productivity Checklist : Read or listen to inspiration/personal development 15-30 minJournal 15-30 min.Work on projects or blog posts 30 min.Spread my message & Promote (Facebook, Linked-In, Website, Groups) 15-30 min.Schedule Facebook Posts & Ads 15-30 min.Admin (phone calls, email, Facebook messages, ect..) 30 min.LaundryCleaningMy classes, Education & Discussion Groups 30-60 min.Evening – 30 min.Work on Weekly & Monthly Lists,  Bookkeeping
  2. Write down your ideas!! I add them to my daily checklist and then decide how to get started, but this keeps me from forgetting good ideas.
  3. Break larger projects into smaller pieces, and add them to your daily list. Projects with a lot of steps can seem overwhelming and will often just not get done. Create smaller steps, and add them to your daily list. For example if you want to write a book, you might out line the chapter, then write the introduction. You don’t have to know exactly how to create an ebook cover and upload it to kindle before you start! Step by step.
  4. Schedule time to complete your list. I showed up 1-2 hours early when I had my spa. Figure out what will work for you. Do you really need to watch more Netflix, when there is so much to learn and do?
  5. Learn something new everyday. Invest in classes that will help you achieve your dreams, from practical marketing classes to classes that help you to work on your mindset and attitude. It all helps!
  6. Create a habit of reading about success and business daily.

Someday’s you will get everything done and some days you won’t. This isn’t meant to be some crazy stress TO DO list, rather a guide to help you create amazing success habits.

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