Creative Ways to Sell More Gift Certificates

Creative Ways to Sell More Gift Certificates

Selling gift cards at Christmas and the winter holidays is a lot easier than it was a few years ago. People LOVE a gift card, and they are a fantastic way to keep your cash flow moving after the frantic pre-holiday rush has calmed down.

So…how can you sell more of them than ever this year? The way forward is to think creatively about what and how you sell, and how you position your gift card offering in a busy winter market.

It’s been reported that half of US consumers like to buy gift cards from small, independent businesses and not just the big players –

interestingly they also like to buy gift cards for themselves. This is where your client loyalty pays dividends… as well as selling your spa or massage service gift cards as a great option for a thoughtful gift for someone else, why not also market them as a self-gifting treat? We all know what it’s like when we’re Christmas shopping, we buy gifts for ourselves while too because they are such good value, or something we only see at this time of the year. Encourage your regular customers to spoil themselves with a gift card.

Although some people like to give a plastic gift card in an envelope, others like the convenience of an eCard.

Make sure that you offer both; and when you promote the plastic version, make sure it’s attractive, as it’s likely that the buyer went for the physical option for a reason. Create a gorgeous festive envelope or card design that looks luxurious and makes the recipient feel a bit special – the giving of the card has to feel almost as good as the booking of the treatments.

Around 75% of people still prefer the plastic gift cards but eCards are gaining ground.

Add extra pizazz to the eCard offer by making sure they are super easy to buy – create an eCard app or page on your website so that they can be downloaded simply and in seconds. It’s also worth making it as easy as possible for your eCard recipients to book their treatments, this creates a good impression and should gain you new clients. If you don’t have an online eCard redeeming and booking option, get that organised soon.

Think of your gift cards as additional promotional items.

You can entice new customers into your spa or massage center, or encourage existing clients to spend a little more, just by creating added-value gift card promotions. You could offer your regular clients a $10 gift card for every $50 they spend, or a $25 gift card for every $100 they spend, with the option to top up or give as a gift. Bear in mind that usually, customers who visit a business to use a card they’ve been gifted typically spend more than the face value of the card.

Offer deals on gift cards at holiday season.

Offering a small sweetener deal can tip the balance so that the person who was thinking about buying goes ahead and makes that purchase. Think about extra value rather than straight discounting, so offer two $25 gift cards for $40, add a hand massage to a facial treatment offer or even add in a ‘bring a friend for just $20’ option.

Remember to make the point that gift cards aren’t just for the holidays!

People want to relax when they are using spa, massage and skincare gift cards, and what better way to underline this idea than promoting them as a post-holiday relaxation aid?

Whatever you’re planning with your gift cards, it’s time to take action. Many shoppers have already started their gift shopping, so the more choices you can offer, and the easier you make it for them, the better your chances of capturing their dollars is!

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