Different types of email – and why it’s important to use them all

Different types of email – and why it’s important to use them all

Different types of email – and why it’s important to use them all.

Whether you are just starting out or you’ve been online and using email to market your business for a while, you probably wonder which type of email campaign is likely to be the most effective – and if there’s a way of communicating via email that works for some things and not others?

The truth is that there’s a place for all types of marketing email. To help you decide which type is the best for you – and to show you why they are ALL so important, here’s a guide to the different types of email you can use to market your business, and when you should use them…

The Welcome Email

It’s self-explanatory really, but when someone’s signed up to your list it’s important to thank them for their time and welcome them in with a flavour of what you have to offer. Send out your welcome email within 24 hours of someone signing up, or ideally straight away. It shows them that they’ve subscribed successfully and tells them what to expect in their inbox.

The Dedicated Email

These are the emails that only talk about one thing. It might be an offer, a new product, a super exciting event or an announcement about extra opening hours, but it’s important news that you want to share with everyone. Different reasons for a dedicated email include:

The Offer Email with a discount, coupon, or a deal that you send out to subscribers. These usually get a good response. Don’t send TOO many offers unless you want to be recognized as a discount business. Occasionally, though, it’s nice to let people know you appreciate them with a bonus.

The New Product Email

Your mailing list subscribers should be the first to know about new services and products so make sure they know you’re telling them before anyone else. Make them feel special – even offer them special rates for being first to try a new service.

The Announcement Email

Changing your opening hours? Making a change to your terms and conditions? Or have you hired a new staff member and want to talk about it? Your email subscribers like to feel valued so whenever you have a piece of important news or an event to launch, send a simple email to your subscribers before you announce it on social media. Let them feel like they are being let in on a secret early. With an event, you could offer an ‘early-bird discount’ too!

The Email Newsletter

There are more chatty emails that contain a lot of varied information, and act as a reminder to clients that you are there, more than anything. Newsletters are great tools for nurturing your mailing list with a variety of information, blog posts, insights into what you’re up to and more. Always make sure that your newsletters contain something to say; by that I mean it should be important, intriguing, or helpful. There’s nothing worse than sending a newsletter with no news in it.

The Value Email

These emails are just added bonuses for your mailing list. They could be a blog post with an interesting subject, tips and hints for your subscribers or something funny, but occasionally you need to mix it up and just send something that your mailing list subscribers will really appreciate. These emails help to show personality and help you to build a relationship with your audience.

Do you use all these types of email in your marketing? Which is your favorite? Which works well for your business?

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