Do you feel like you are always working?

Do you feel like you are always working?

Do you ever feel like you are ALWAYS working, yet there is still always more and more to do? We are in new territory when it comes to working….For many of us the days of going to work and then being off work when we aren’t physically there are gone. We have the ability to work with us at all times, phones, tablets, and laptops make so many things possible! 

Exactly when are we working anyway? The clear lines are gone and there are gray areas, and shifting definitions of what work is. I’m often in this gray area, if I document a personal project (for example making over my sons room) and share it online, is it work, just because I shared it? What if I Feng Shui my sisters house or massage my husband (then post about his “yearly” massage for a fun engagement post? The world we live in has increasingly fuzzy lines between work and personal time.

I saw a Facebook post today about an intimate experience a woman had with her husband, it was about connection, and their relationship, and it had a sales pitch about how you could have that same experience in your relationship if you hired her as a coach. I couldn’t help but wonder if we’ve gone to far? Is nothing private or off limits anymore? 

When is it ok to be working? If I type out a quick post on a family trip, does that take me out of the experience? 

I know I could benefit from more focused time and more time doing things that I KNOW are not work.
I need time for creating new products, programs and classes. I need time for writing to you, creating social media posts, and my marketing materials. I need time for networking, and working with clientsI need time to do admin, bookkeeping, bill paying, delegating, budgeting and planning. With all of that to do it is very very difficult for me to switch off and do things that are definitely NOT WORKING, no gray areas!

I need time for self care, phone & computer free time, time with family, time exercising, resting, READING. 

The clearest way for me to NOT WORK is to power down my phone. My new goal is no phone from 8pm – 8am and I would like to increase that to 7 pm to 9 am 🙂 I also know there will be times to make an exception, when I’m inspired, when I’m making a push to reach a big goal. However if I pay attention, raise my awareness, and create habits and routines that FEEL good and supportive, I don’t think I’ll feel like I’m always working, and hopefully my family won’t either. 

Let me know what you think, in the comments.


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  1. Tara Kovach

    Great idea. I think as entrepreneurs we all suffer from always working to some degree.
    I’m also considering deleting Facebook from my phone so it’s not so convenient to waste time during the day so I am more productive during set hours instead of mixing Facebook “play” and posting for my business together.

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