Do You REALLY Need Insurance for Your Massage or Skincare Business?

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I have been a massage therapist for 24 years and sometimes I would wonder: Do I REALLY need my massage business insurance policy? I hadn’t even come close to using it, yet it was something I was paying for and always had to renew. Well, I certainly learned my lesson a few years ago. It wasn’t until I found myself in the middle of a crisis that I realized how necessary liability insurance is.

An accident can happen in a second yet leave you with lasting consequences. Thankfully, I wasn’t alone and had someone to turn to for help. I didn’t know what to do and when I called my insurance company, they were so nice and helpful. I was so relieved and grateful that I had someone to rely on in a sticky situation.

Liability insurance isn’t just helpful if we unintentionally injure a client, it’s for the unexpected and unpredictable things that sometimes just happen. Anybody can have a bad day, but without the right liability insurance, your bad day could be much worse. MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus provides you with the help and support you need when those bad days happen.

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus offers affordable, comprehensive liability insurance for massage therapists plus free continuing education, massage product discounts, and more for only $159/year! Get covered in April and get a FREE copy of my Massage and Spa Marketing Success eBook library. You can also call 1-888-308-6107 to speak to a licensed agent & mention code GWOOD. The benefits don’t just stop there, as a member, you’ll receive one free month to my content club and 25% off each month after.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing you and your client are covered, no matter what may happen!

Have an amazing day! Gael

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