Enhance your Massage or Spa Business with Feng Shui

Enhance your Massage or Spa Business with Feng Shui

Guest Post by Patricia Lohan Feng Shui Expert

The premise behind Feng Shui is that the ‘chi’ or energy flows with ease into your space.  ‘Chi’ which represents clients and money is the life force of your business.

Creating a harmonious space that is magnetic to clients’ starts before the client even gets to the front door of your business!

Can your clients’ aka the ‘Chi’ find you easily?

Do you have clear signage, easy access to your massage practice?

Not only is it a great for advertising and attracting more clients, it sets up your massage session successfully as the more relaxed and easier it is to find you the happier they are when they get to you.

When your clients get to your front door is it welcoming?

The front door is the mouth of your business it is crucial that this is clean & inviting.  Do you have an open sign?

Does the door open easily and smoothly?

If clients have to struggle to get the door open – this can represent a struggle for you in business allowing business in and money.

Once the door is open what is the first thing that clients see?

Is it a beautiful relaxing image that epitomizes the experience they are going to have? Reaffirming why they have come. When clients open the door it’s important that they are faced with image that is uplifting and reflective of your business.

If there is a mirror facing the door I would recommend removing this – as a mirror is pushing the chi out or pushing clients away– which means you are potentially loosing business and clients.

Once in your massage room the best way to bring more prosperity is by identifying your prosperity corner in the southeast area and adding something that is symbolic of prosperity for you. For example a small bowl filled with overflowing coins.

Each area of your space reflects different parts of your business so it’s very easy once you can identify these areas how you can energise them to enhance the space for clients. This is beyond the scope of this post but you can learn more about this on my free training Feng Shui Foundations Video Series

Creating a supportive atmosphere is vital in your practice room.

When it comes to colours in your space – earth tones will enhance the experience for your clients. As earth tones are grounding and supportive. Excess of reds will bring more energy could be too energizing for the clients and on the other end of the spectrum having excess blue tones would be a cooling experience for clients and potentially dampen their experience.

Ensuring that the décor and ambiance is harmonious with fresh energy it is recommended to add succulent plants or plants which soft upward growing leaves.

Your working position is also vital – even if you move around your client, it is advisable stay in your power position as much of the time as possible.

This means working from a spot where you can see the door and have a wall behind you. Working with your back to the door leaves you in a vulnerable position and can lead to unexpected surprises occurring.

For more information how you can energize your space for more clients, prosperity and deeper healing sessions for your clients you can check out my free training here >>> Feng Shui Foundations 

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  1. jassica james

    thanks for sharing this such a great post for students and that person who want to take a massage therapy services from massage centers

  2. Hari Riverday Spa

    The above post helped me to provide a great ambience to my spa. The tips offered were really useful to promote my business. The tips to energize the spa space worked well. Many customers visited my spa and were satisfied with the service. Thanks for the informative article posted above.

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