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Today I wanted to share a few tools I’m using in marketing my business.

I know most of us don’t post as much as we want to on social media, who has time? This is why I LOVE Viral Tag ! Viral tag will post your photo link and content to Facebook, Facebook Pages, Linked In, Pinterest, Instagram, & Tumbler all at the same time, plus you can set up your posting times and schedule it ahead. People probably think I live on social media, but I pre-schedule days in advance and free up my time to do other things. They have a free trial, and if you use this link you will receive a $15 credit if you love it as much as I do and sign up.

Do you need more website traffic? If so this tool is for you! We all know you should share a variety of posts on social media, funny posts, inspirational posts, business info & promotions, and helpful and interesting articles! Now when you share an article you can add a call to action that takes people to YOUR website. Here’s an example: You could add the link to your home page, email sign up or appointment booking page. It’s called and it’s FREE for your first 1,000 clicks per month. 1000 extra website visits a month is HUGE!! You can check it out and try it here: There’s no credit card required, if you use your 1,000 “snips” you can upgrade if you want to. I use sniply and viral tag together, they both have chrome extensions so you can share anything from the internet super fast and easy. I know I’m a geek, but this stuff works!

Finally for email newsletters, I love Mailchimp! I admit it had a learning curve for me but now that I know what I’m doing (for the most part) I love it! You can create an email with a sidebar and cover to save then you just add your content and send! You can also set up a free gift for people when they sign up for your newsletter, like a stretching routine, aromatherapy recipes, a coupon book, or ebook and it will be automatically delivered right to them. It’s not enough to just say “join my email list” anymore, people want value for sharing their inbox with you.
Mailchimp is free to get started with up to your first 500 subscribers, the automation is a paid feature though. See what you think here.

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