Four Great Tips for Selling Massage!

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Four Great Tips for Selling Massage!

Here are my some of my best tips for selling massage in an office or spa setting.

1. Tell. You have to tell people how you can help them. Tell them about the benefits of your services. Tell them when they should get a massage and why they should get a massage (or other service). Don’t assume they know. They didn’t go to massage school and they probably don’t know all of the benefits of regular massage. Tell, educate, toot your horn! What we do is awesome, and it is life changing, and it is part of a great self care program. I write my recommendations down on a pad of paper with my business name and phone number. If they need to think about re-booking they have all the info from me.

2. Ask. Ask your clients to book their next appointment, to try a new service, to purchase a series, to book a standing appointment, or to treat themselves to a retail product. You will be so amazed at what will happen when you ask!!! The most effective way is to ask and give a specific choice of times to come in. If they seem uncertain offer an alternative service such as a thirty minute session or chair massage.

3. Give. Give your clients something to take home. Write down your recommendations for rescheduling, general massage info in a brochure or article (especially related to something you have discussed), your full nicely printed service menu, ideas for stretching, product samples,refrigerator magnet, pen, a copy of any specials you are running, bath-salts in a little baggie, a bottle of water, or to go cup of tea.

Decide what you want to do and have everything where you can easily get everything together for your client. Also a new client packet (or gift bag) is a great way to get all the essential info about your business to every client.

4. Send. Send a follow up communication! E-mail or snail mail. Thank them for coming in, remind them of anything you discussed that seems appropriate, include a special offer that can be used within one month. Add them to your mailing list for future marketing.

Have a wonderful and prosperous day!  Gael