Four Tips to Boost Sales: Spa and Massage Gift Certificates

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Spa and Massage Gift Certificates are not only the perfect gift, they are one of the best ways to boost sales and expand your client base! Let’s look at these top tips for boosting gift certificate sales:

1. Think about who will be buying you gift certificates and target you marketing to them. These are not necessarily people who would get a massage themselves. So basically, go where the men go!

Fact: Men buy massage and spa gifts for the ladies in their lives. Make a nice flyer and put it everywhere you think the guys are. Hit the manly gym, hardware store, the barber shop, the fire department, you get my drift. I make a mini-flyer and put it everywhere!! An easy format is to get 4 copies per page then just get it cut at the printers. Get your free templates here:

I also include this flyer in a Holiday card that I mail to all active clients. Which leads me to my next tip…

2. Make your gift certificate pretty, and add some little extras. You could do a pretty gift bag complete with tissue paper and a gift tag. Add a few chocolates, a small product or products samples. You could provide a gift box and let the gift giver pick a card to go with it.
Hit the $1 store to stock up on your wrapping supplies. This makes it super easy for people to buy from you and they will remember and talk about your extras!

3. Sell online Massage Gift Certificates!! If you don’t you are missing out. Wouldn’t you love to wake up in the morning and find out you made $ while you were sleeping? I like Spaboom or Gift Card Cafe, but there are many good services for this.
Make sure you direct people to your online store by having the information on your voice mail message, studio door, and all over your website.

4. Have something for every budget. I like to start in the $40-$50 range for kids buying for mom and those on a tight budget and go all the way up to a $300-$400 “spa day” package. Include 4-5 options in different price ranges. The packages in the middle will sell the best. Combine your services with Spa Enhancements to make some really unique packages.

Are you ready to make THIS the year you reach your gift card sales goals? Done-for-you marketing content can help!

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