Free Massage CEU Reviews

Free Massage CEU Reviews

I FINALLY finished two of the free classes I found online. I still have a few more to try, for the whole list check out my March blog posts. This took me longer than planned, but life does get very busy!


First I took a free one hour class from on Acupressure for headaches. The class was a download of 10 pages of reading material. I printed it since I read better that way. The materials cover some of the causes of headaches, how to work on acupressure points, and an 8 step headache relief routine you can use with your clients. I certainly learned something new, and after a quick four question quiz printed out my certificate.


The second class I took was from An Overview of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome MT. This is not actually a class I would have picked, being the spa girl that I am. However it was very informative and in depth. I am more aware of the signs and symptom of carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and what can be done to prevent it. There are 5 lessons with question after each lesson. Then you can print your certificate. As an added bonus if you like their Facebook page you can print a $20 coupon. They have 3 hour classes starting at $28. Since one of my goals this year is to take LOTS of continuing education I plan to take advantage of that!

If you have a class or product you would like me to review, just send me an e-mail.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!