Get more “likes!” Facebook Biz Page Tips

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Get more “likes!” Facebook Biz Page Tips

1.Offer a free upgrade or service enhancement  as a gift for sharing your Facebook page.
Keep it simple, a free aromatherapy upgrade, foot scrub or 10 minute scalp massage. You might want to put a time limit on this.

2. Give people a reason to “like” your page with special offers JUST for Facebook fans. For example a monthly “Facebook only” special or occasional “last minute” offers. Offer upgrades NOT discounts!

3. Post content that will be shared. Inspirational quotes, funny pictures, health and massage information. The more updates that are shared the more people will know about your page.

4. Make videos about one of your wonderful services, or how you can help people. Post them to YouTube, Facebook, and on your website.

5. Share your website and/or blog every few weeks. Your new followers may not have seen it yet.

6. Host a contest with a free massage as the prize! This could be a random drawing when you get to a certain number of likes or a prize for the person who “shares” the most.

For more information on Facebook Contests

Make sure you are following Facebook rules and guidelines! You made need to host your contest through an app.

7. Join Facebook Groups! There are thousands of groups on Facebook. Search for your town, interests you have, or professional groups to find groups to join. Participate in the groups and ask for page “likes” by sharing your page in the groups page.

8. Have your location as part of your page name. That way you will get followers that are in your area. No worries if you need to add it Facebook page names can be easily changed in your settings.

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Have a wonderful day! Gael