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Groupon tips for massage therapists. I have not personally done any Groupon deals, but a therapist asked about it on my Facebook Page and there were some great responses and advice.

Out of 32 comments 12 massage therapists said absolutely do not do Groupon type deals. Some of the reasons given were; the clients were difficult, the clients were mostly from out of town, were not good tippers, and very few rescheduled. A few therapists said that they got a few repeat clients but would not do another “deal” because it didn’t seem worth it in the end.


The therapists that said Groupon DID work for them had the following advice:

1. Offer a package of three sessions. This will cut down on out of town clients, and attract more clients that want regular sessions.
2. Have a re-booking plan when you do your offer. Some gave the same deal for a few more sessions, only this time no money was going to groupon. Some offered a different kind of discount package or bonus for rescheduling.
3. Decide on your deal, and do not let the groupon sales representatives pressure you to do a deal you are not comfortable with.
4. Do not give more than 50% off 40% is better.
5. Increase the value of your offer, by adding on several extras. For example adding back stones, and a back scrub can add $40 to your total price. One hour massage $80 pus $40 for the enhancements is a $120 service 40%off would be $62 you half would be $31. Versus just the $80 massage at 40% off you would end up with $24.
6. Don’t sell to many deals. Some therapists only did 50 total.
7. Think of it more as advertising than a money maker.
8. If people don’t redeem the offer you still get to keep the money, so that did increase the overall income for some therapists.

Some therapists mentioned that after doing their daily deal, they only got a couple of clients. The value of a really good client is amazing (and that is why we treat them like VIP’s). A weekly client over five years is worth $17,500 (average based on $70 50 weeks of the year) to your business. So that is just a different perspective to judge whether or not your deal “worked”.

The bottom line is it might work for you if you have a well thought out offer, and follow up plan. Good luck, and if you do a daily deal let me know how it works out for you!

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  1. Ms. Anderson


  2. Mary

    Groupon helped me build my practice. My deal is deep tissue with trigger point. With this I attracted a more sophisticated client with massage experience. It attracted clients with pain issues, usually neck and back. I have a very high rebook rate, 65%+ at my regular rate because not everyone does this type of therapeutic work. I rarely will get clients that are looking for a cheap deal and bounce from one LMT to the next. I now sell only 2 Groupons a month to keep new faces coming thru my practice . After all, people move, lose jobs, and do on.
    I think the key to success is what your deal is. I would never ever sell a Swedish massage thru Groupon. That’s where you get the none rebook client IMHO.

    1. Cath Cox

      I’ve had a similar experience. I would have closed my Ashiastu practice had I not used Groupon. One of the keys to success for me is having discounted packages available to encourage regular visits.

  3. Karyl

    I totally understand why people dislike groupon. It take a a large chunk of money and I have had many not tip at all! What I have found that I like about groupon, is it has made my business more known in my area! I’ve actually had a few people call me up and say, “Hey I found you on groupon and was wondering if you had any deals of your own?” Building a good name for yourself, even if it is through groupon, will still build a good reputation. Word of mouth will follow!

  4. Bonnie Haldeman

    I did groupon, it does make a slave of you for a bit. I do not look at it as a money maker, but a wonderful marketing tool! It put my name on top within 3 mths, and I did have return clients that we’re happy to pay full price. It’s awesome for people to try you out, to see if you are a good fit for them without wasting the money of full price if they didn’t like you.
    But they will 🙂

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