Grow Your Business through Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Sales

Grow Your Business through Mother’s Day Gift Certificate Sales

Mother’s Day Gift Sales Are An Excellent Way to Grow Your Massage or Skincare Business

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and I can guarantee you that 90% of men and children have not done their Mother’s Day shopping yet! Now is the time to get the word out about your gift certificates and about your specials. Make a plan to hustle and do that over the next few days, and really increase sales for your business.

Grow Your Business Longterm with Gift Certificate Sales

This is not about selling a few more gift certificates. This is about overall growing your business. If you sell 10 more gift certificates between now and Mother’s Day, if two of those mothers that come in turn into regular clients that come in monthly or every two weeks, that is thousands of dollars of revenue for your business over the next year, or several years. When you’re hustling and you’re working really hard to sell gift certificate, it is not just about those gift certificate sales.

Reach Out & Follow-Up

It’s not too late to personally reach out to anyone who said to you over the past few weeks, “Hey, I should get one of those Mother’s Day gift certificates.” Send them a personal reminder. Say, “You mentioned to me a few days ago or a couple weeks ago that you’re interested in a Mother’s Day gift certificate. I wanted to let you know how you can get that.” Send them your link to your online sales, or let them know that you can get their gift certificate ready, have it all ready for them to pick up at their convenience. Work with people, and go that extra mile with customer service, and getting in those gift certificates into their hands. If you’re in a small town like I am and you know your clients pretty well, say, “I’ll drop it by your office when I go out for lunch.” Those little extra things go a long way.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Then, hit up your social media, your personal pages, your business pages, and really plan at least three posts per day for Friday, Saturday, and get the word out. Especially if you have online sales. You might want to plan a couple hours on Saturday afternoon, and just let people know, “I’m going to be here at the office from 1:00 to 3:00 just for you to come buy a gift certificates.” Maybe you have somebody that can come in and help you out just for a couple hours to see if you can’t get those extra gift certificate sales in. That is what I would plan if want to really do some last minute hustle. It’s fun, you know. Get that fun energy behind it. Get excited about your specials. Get excited about serving moms who work hard for their families and who really need a break, who could use that time to take a load off and re-charge and re-energize themselves.

Have Fun!

Have some fun with what you say about your gift certificates. Talk about how hard Mom works, and how she deserves something besides everybody making a big mess in her kitchen. Talk about how you don’t want to buy Mom clothes because they might not fit, or how she does not need another little piece of clutter or coffee mug. Find some silly or crazy pictures of Mother’s Day gifts and post those with a little blurb about your gift certificates specials. People feel that energy, and they’re attracted to doing business with somebody who’s having a good time and enthusiastic. Post some pictures of your message table and your office and say, “Your mom could be here. Buy your gift certificate. She can book it at her convenience.”

The Benefits of Your Services

Highlight all the advantages of giving a gift certificate for a massage or a facial or a spa day for Mother’s Day. We probably been talking about them and promoting them, and we feel like, I’ve been talking about this for weeks. Everybody knows about it by now, but you know what? They haven’t bought yet, and they need that last reminder to get them over the edge and taking action instead of running to TJ Maxx or Wal-Mart or somewhere just to grab something for Mom. You know you have the best gift for the moms, so get out there and spread the word, and let everybody know about it.

Last Minute Reminders

Send an email Friday. Send one or two emails on Saturday. That might seem a little bit pushy, but with only 10% to 20% of people opening your emails, you’re going to get different people seeing it each time. Go ahead and pre-schedule them.

Online Gift Certificates

If you don’t have online gift certificate sales yet, I recommend Gift Card Café. They have a good easy to set up program. You could probably even get that set up by the end of the day today and get that going. Put an article or a blog post up on your website about how gift certificates are the best Mother’s Day gift.

Are you ready to make THIS the year you reach your gift card sales goals? 

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