How Rack Cards Can Help Your Massage or Skincare Business Grow

How Rack Cards Can Help Your Massage or Skincare Business Grow

I’ve had a couple of questions since I started promoting my rack card templates.  Specifically, what is a rack card, and why would I use them?

A rack card is basically just a little front and back info sheet for your business. It’s kind of like an upgraded business card. A rack card is to get people in your community, your potential clients, to start thinking about the kind of services that you offer and to know that your business exists. The purpose of it is to get people to pick up the phone and call you so you can tell them more about your services or to get them to your website.

I have some very specific things that I recommend you put on your rack cards and that you leave off your rack cards. You don’t want to give too much information, or they won’t have any reason to call or visit your website. You want to put just enough information that they want to know more and that they’ll do one of those two things.

With the website visits, you can even then re-target them with your Facebook ads, or google ads.  and things like that. \

A rack card is not a brochure. A brochure is bigger with lots of information in it, and is something you would have in your office with  your full menu or details about specific services.

I would not recommend printing up full brochures to put out around your town because it’s too expensive, and it’s too much information. We just want something that’s going to grab their attention and get them to know you exist, and see that you’re a professional.

A rack card can have the  services that you offer, and some information for people to make them feel comfortable calling you. Pictures and your location help too.  You really want to get them on your online booking or on the phone with you so, you want to have some calls to action. You could also put a new client special out on a rack card.

So, I had mine in about a hundred locations, and it was was our main source of new clients, and since I ordered in bulk, less than a penny a piece to get my information out there to the public. These are something I highly recommend if you have a local business because your website is for people that know they want a massage or a facial already.  It’s to get people thinking about the types of services that you do. People that might not already be thinking about it, or they might be thinking about it, but they just might not have any idea where to go. They will see your nice, professional looking marketing materials, and feel confident about calling your business.

We have created some rack card templates for massage therapy and skincare. They’re on sale in my shop along with two training webinars so you’ll know exactly what to say on your rack cards.

I think this is one of the places where people get stuck, and frustrated. You may not feel like you have the skills to pick the pictures and the colors & fonts  and put the design together.  We’re not graphic designers, we’re therapists!

So, we’ve put together this package to help you to get over that hump of getting stuck in the design phase so you can go ahead and get your information about your wonderful business and your wonderful services out into the world.

Check out the Rack Card Templates Package HERE!

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