How to become an IDEA MACHINE!!

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Last January, I challenged myself to come up with 100 ways to make money!

It was really fun, I added 10 ideas per day, and by the end I was really stretching my mind! It’s been fun, and I have completed some of the ideas, and made $$. Ideas +Action = Money

Here’s a few tips for coming up with lots of ideas:

(you need lots because they won’t all be winners!)

Write some ideas down EVERY day. I do this in the morning after my gratitude list. Don’t worry if they are good ideas or seem doable. you are exercising your “idea muscles” and your brain will continue to work on them during the day.

Read a lot – non fiction books, Ebooks, blogs, other peoples websites, advertising. You will get some great inspiration from this.

Brainstorm with your peeps in online groups, masterminds, or form a biz group with some friends. Set goals and give each other feed back.

Take classes, learn some new ways of doing things and ideas. I LOVE Udemy $10 -$15 classes! (hint take a free class and they will send you tons of coupons)

Once you have your list, just take action! You will be amazed at what you can create in just 20-30 minutes a day!

You could:

  • Market your business
  • Create new services or specials
  • Work on creating an Ebook or a class

Wishing you abundance!! Gael

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