How to DOMINATE your marketplace!

How to DOMINATE your marketplace!

How to DOMINATE your marketplace!

Do you think a small business like yours could dominate your marketplace? Could your business become synonymous with great massages in your area? Sure, why not? However, you’ll probably have to DO more and MARKET more and take more ACTION than all the other businesses. It will take creativity, finding opportunities, creating opportunities, and hustle!


First, say YES to every opportunity. If you aren’t where you want to be yet, why be picky? Free chair massage, free class, career day at the high school, free networking events, customer appreciation day at the bank, get out there!!


Second, create opportunities. Call local papers and magazines and offer to write a column, or be available for interviews. Reach out to other business about cross promoting “hey, I’ll promote you if you will promote me!”. Host an event, sponsor an event or a sports team, make donations to non-profit groups and schools.


Third, be everywhere all the time!

Put your marketing materials out everywhere, and I mean everywhere….. An added bonus of this is that you will get to meet lots of business owners and people around your town. Use any time you are not booked to market your business, and at least half of that should be off-line.

Have an awesome day, and take a minute to post on this blog post and share what marketing ideas are working for you!


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