How to find and land a GOOD massage job!

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How to find and land a GOOD massage job!

In addition to my housecall business and online business I also contract with resorts and spas. I’m very picky about where I will work! With 20 years of experience I can be. Even if you are new to the profession with some searching and networking you can up level your job too!

In this post you will learn:

* how to find the best paying jobs in your area
* getting your foot in the door
* wowing them with your skills
*negotiating your pay

So you always hear about therapists with the sweet deals: great pay, time in between services, no laundry duties (it’s rare but anything is possible), awesome tips and more! Where are these jobs? And how do you get one?

The search:
1. make a list of every massage place you know of in your area (use google, the phone book, drive around..). Then, keep going! Make a list of every country club, resort, nice hotel and bed and breakfast (this is where the money is). Look up all of their websites, see if they mention massage or spa services. Even if they don’t you can still call them.

2. Make a list of everyone you know in the massage/spa profession.

3. Update your resume.

Now what will you do with all of this information ? Start inquiring! Call and ask if a business is hiring. If so ask to come in for a chat, if it comes up see what the starting pay is before you go in. Call the resorts and inns if they don’t have a massage program, maybe you could help them start one? If a business is not currently hiring but you are interested ask if they have a FILL IN LIST, some of my best jobs have come from being a reliable fill in.

Call the people on your people list and ask if they can tell you about where they work, if they will recommend you if something come up or if they know of any opportunities. This is basic networking and it works! Nothing like knowing the right person at the right time to get in the door of a good job.

Take your bling blinging resume to everyone that was interested in meeting you. Yes, in person. You want them to SEE what a nice person you are and that you go the extra mile before you are even hired! This will often lead to an on the spot impromptu interview, so plan extra time.
Don’t be offended by a request for a hand on interview, this is your time to shine! Of course you are good, but not every therapist is and a business owner can’t take that chance.

If you are called to fill in (yay!), DO IT, even if you have to rearrange your life. You can call the shots later when you are a superstar with a full schedule . Chances are if you don’t go on the first fill in call you won’t get another opportunity.
Find out what you should wear, be EARLY (30 minutes at least), ask good questions (like: what is the check out procedure, where client water is, how are tips handled, where supplies are ect..). If you didn’t find out in advance I wouldn’t ask about money at this point. Just go with the flow you are trying them out as much as they are trying you out. After the massage rebook the client with another therapist, and if you really want to knock their socks off sell some retail!

As far as pay goes you should have an idea at this point what the better jobs in your area pay. In my area the really good ones pay $40-$55 an hour plus tips (independent contractor no benefits). Mostly it is a set rate. Decide how much you need to make per session if they are close let them know you are very interested and available but you would need xx amount to take the position. Some things are worth more than money in my opinion, like my weekends off or a drama free work environment.

My final tip is DO NOT worry about percentages! Is it a reasonable amount of money for doing a massage? Then it doesn’t matter what percent of what it is! I would rather have 50% of $90 any day of the week than 80% of $50. The percentage is irrelevant what it equals is very relevant.

Good luck on your job search! gael

For more information see What is Fair Pay for massage therapists and
Questions to ask before you take a massage job.

If you just keep at it and implement these ideas you will be in a great job pretty soon!

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