How To Get OUT of a Slump!

How To Get OUT of a Slump!

Do you ever just find yourself in a slump, making excuses, not taking action ect…. Ect….

It happens to everyone. Usually there’s some kind of trigger that throws us off of our game. Maybe it’s a bad review, a change in schedule, getting the flu, or a break up. Anything can get in the way at any time, if we let it. A few years ago I wouldn’t have even realized that it was happening, I just thought it was living life, and the events and problems of the day would just carry me along. Now, thankfully, I can recognize what’s happening and get myself back on track. Here’s a few tips to do it.

1. Revisit your goals. Write them out in a clear picture. Now, ask yourself is the current situation worth giving up or delaying reaching your goals.

2. Hang out with inspired people, ask for help. You are most like the 5 people that you spend time with regularly. If you are the most positive person you know, spend more time alone! Reach out to friends that can help to lift you up and limit your time with those that don’t.

3. Yes, you need to deal with life and the challenges that come with it, but you can also say “for the next hour I am putting my focus on my dreams and goals.”

Here’s the thing, stuff happens , it’s not going to stop happening, probably ever. You can handle things , take care of you AND keep working towards your goals dreams!

Wishing you all the best, Gael

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