How to Get Started with Spa Services & Get Them Booked!

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Can you actually make money offering spa services in your massage practice? You sure can! Carefully choose your services and offer several options for every budget. Offer mini-spa enhancements so that clients can add to any massage service.

Types of Spa Services

First, let’s go over the many different types of spa services. You can create your own, so the choices are really endless! Here is an overview of some of the most common. Many therapists and spas put their own stamp on these to create “signature services” unique to their businesses.

Skin exfoliating treatments work by removing the top layers of dead skin from the body, revealing softer skin, stimulating skin renewal, and improving overall skin function. Since the skin is our body’s largest organ of elimination, it is important to keep it from getting clogged up with dead skin cells, dirt and the products that we use (like soap and body lotions).

Skin exfoliating treatments include scrubs or “glows” because they leave the skin glowing. Body scrubs are usually made from combining salt, sugar, nut kernels or even coffee with carrier oils and essential oils. Body brushing is done with a stiff bristled brush and is a great way to exfoliate quickly with no mess, and can be incorporated into any massage treatment or body wrap. Enzymes (such as papaya and pineapple) that “eat” away at dead skin cells are commonly used in facial exfoliating products can be used on the body as well.

Body wraps can be made from a variety of ingredients including muds, algae, aloe, shea or mango butter, or parrafin wax infused with herbs or essential oils. Body wraps are generally for detoxification, or skin hydration. Clients are wrapped for 20-30 minutes, and the product can be removed with hot towels, a vichy shower, or showered off.

Heat treatments include massaging the body with a variety of heated massage implements, smooth basalt stones, bamboo sticks, shells, and even heated pillows! These can be done as a full body service, target area treatment, or incorporated into wraps.

Other spa services can include aromatherapy, scalp and hair masks, face masks, parafin wax treatments, scrubs, and wrap applications on smaller areas (not full body).

With all that to choose from it is easy to incorporate spa enhancements so you can make money by offering spa services. They offer your clients added health and relaxation benefits, pampering, and can provide extra income for you. All while giving your body a break from your regular massage sessions. Do your research and start small, you can always add more. It stinks to throw out a gallon of chocolate body wrap because it didn’t go over!

Let Your Clients Know

Most therapists will have spa services on their menu and wonder why they are not being booked! Having them on your menu is a great first step. Some people will book off your website or a spa savvy client might be looking for a wrap or scrub. Everyone else will need to be sold on your spa services. There are many of ways to do this without pressure or coming across as salesy.

Some people have issues with that word. Change it if you need to. Telling, informing, recommending, educating, marketing, suggesting, you can use whatever word makes you comfortable and happy. Keep in mind that no transaction anywhere ever takes place without someone selling. You will have to find your comfort zone. Learn to be ok with the fact in order to make more money people will have to buy more products and services from you. No matter what you say or do it is 100% your clients choice to schedule a service or purchase a product. Give your client the info and options, so that they can choose.

Money is one of those things that a lot of us have issues around. If you do, I suggest that you work through those as you implement my suggestions so make money by offering spa services.

Tips for Selling

  1. Tell clients how they will benefit from your services and products. You have to tell people how you can help them.  Educate, and be enthusiastic. What we do is awesome, and it is life changing, and it is part of a great self care program. Don’t offer anything you don’t believe in 100%.
  2. Ask your clients to book their next appointment, to try a new service, to purchase a series, to book a standing appointment, or to treat them to a retail product (not all of these on the same day). You will be  amazed at what will happen when you ask!
  3. Give your clients something to take home. For instance a spa and enhancement menu with a product sample, and a bottle of water.
  4. Send a follow up communication! Use email or snail mail, although snail mail will probably make a bigger impact. Include a special offer to try a spa service within the next 1-2 months.
  5. For enhancements that can be added to a massage service, keep a nice menu where clients place their things.

I hope you have a prosperous day!