How to Offer Massage and Spa Services on Airbnb

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The vacation market in the US has embraced the Airbnb Experience and some. Currently vacation rentals are worth $24 billion according to Phocuswright. There’s nothing to stop someone who stays in an Airbnb  from going out for a massage or a treatment while they are there, but if you’re savvy there’s also nothing to stop you from bringing the spa and massage experience to them! That’s where Airbnb Experiences come in. Airbnb Experiences aren’t as widespread at the moment, so the market is there to be tapped into.

How to Sell Experiences As Well As Vacations

Most people will book an Airbnb because of its location and based on the way it looks in the photos; but there will always be users who want more from their trip than just a comfy bed that’s close to all the amenities. People want an affordable getaway, and to be able to include as many of the things they love about a hotel or even a spa trip as they can.

What’s An Airbnb Experience?

Airbnb Experiences are whatever you want them to be! They are activities designed by locals to an area that give something extra to a trip.  Airbnb Experiences tend to be specialised activities that will appeal to the more discerning traveler, after all, the Airbnb ethos is that you ‘live like a local’.

One thing to bear in mind is that many Airbnb travellers are looking for something a bit different, something that they might not be able to get elsewhere. So, if you’re thinking of offering a massage or spa service, try to think of something that will mark it out from their usual massage at home.

Are there any local touches you could add? A unique style? Added extras that add value and interest to what you offer? What is the area you live in known for? Research what tourists like to do when they are in your area and find something you can add to your experience that ties in with it.

How to Get Started

If you host an experience on Airbnb it must be a bit special. They say:

‘Everyone who hosts an experience on Airbnb must demonstrate high levels of expertise and the ability to connect with guests. The experience itself must give guests insider access to places or things they couldn’t find on their own.’

You will have to make sure that your massage service meets their three quality standards: expertise, insider access, and connection.

Airbnb expects hosts to be, ‘ knowledgeable and deeply passionate about what they do’ – and be able to ‘unlock activities that the average traveller wouldn’t be likely to discover on their own.’

Finally, you are expected to be ‘dedicated to creating meaningful human connections and go out of their way to make guests feel welcome.’

If that sounds like it’s for you, all you need to do is create your experience, sign up and get it approved.

Study the Airbnb Experiences Guidelines First

Before you sign up, take a look at Airbnb Experiences guidelines. If you’re happy with that, all you need to do is complete the online application. Once you are approved, you can start hosting your experiences straight away.

You can manage your bookings through the Airbnb calendar, but as yet there’s no way of integrating their calendar with any online booking calendar you have so bear that in mind, unless you manage to find some way of importing your Airbnb bookings into your own reservations system.

Remember that you need to set yourself apart from the competition if you want to create a successful Airbnb massage experience. Start with a fantastic description of the massages or spa services you offer, and why they NEED to book it. Visuals, videos and similar will be helpful. Make sure that what you offer is something that’s specialized, and not offered by anyone else.

What Can You Earn?

Airbnb charge hosts 3 per cent commission for the accommodation service, but they increase this to  20 per cent per booking for Experiences, so keep that in mind when you set your pricing.

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  1. Verona

    Thank you for this blog. I write to Airbnb years ago and request to have spa services offered on their site and was tin down.
    Now you gave given me a better understanding on how to do it. The thing is, I don’t have an Airbnb facility to offer. How do I get into the
    offer services on the Airbnb experience for the areas I work in otherwise?

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