Ideas for Online Massage and Spa Services

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With COVID-19, everyone in the service industries is looking for ways to provide their services online. The wellness industry has traditionally been hands-on, but we are now being called to develop ways to take massage, spa or skincare business into the virtual space.

Online massage services and online spa services are still evolving, but let’s get your creative process flowing!

Here are some ideas for ways to connect with your clients online.

  1. Self massage with foam roller, tennis balls ect.
  2. Couples massage class
  3. Family massage class
  4. Infant massage class for parents and grandparents 
  5. Anti aging face massage routine 
  6. Making your own spa products at home class
  7. How to have a fun and relaxing at home spa day
  8. Stretching for different muscle groups
  9. Creating a self care plan (individual or this could be a class)
  10. Virtual relaxation or therapeutic activities (movement, stretching, breathing) 
  11. Guided relaxation or meditation
  12. Learn reflexology at home

Good news! I have classes for some of these.

Read more about the Couples Massage class, Infant Massage class, Making Your Own Spa Products the Spa Start-Up Essentials Bundle and Taking Your Business Online webinar.

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