Ideas for when your massage clients don’t want to pay your prices

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We all have clients asking for discounts and saying they can’t afford massage. There are two ways to handle this. give less expensive options, AND show them the value!

1. Don’t lower you regular price because you WILL get people who know the value and will pay it.You might even want to raise it, see #6.

2. Book people for 30 minute targeted sessions.

3. Offer a “basic” 45 min option no aroma no hot towels ect.. but still full body.

4. Prepaid discount 5 sessions for $250. You give a discount and they give too by coming regularly.

Chair Massage Start-Up Kit

5. Offer chair massage in office 15-30 minutes.

6. People do love discounts and specials so you might want to make your “regular” price higher so you can do monthly specials and still earn enough money.

Finally, We have to show our clients the value. When I’m sick or in pain there isn’t really an amount too high. I will pay a lot to feel better, you can tell by my health food store bill!

Massage is going to keep you out of the doctors office saving you money (well obviously within reason). Massage will keep you able to work and earning money. Massage helps to keep you in shape to play sports, play with your grandkids, garden, and enjoy your life. That is PRICELESS!!

Are you ready to start growing an on site massage business?

Chair massage is a big money maker and a low overhead fun business to run. Get a head start with the Chair Massage Start-Up Kit!

Chair Massage Start-Up Kit from Gael Wood

You Get:

  • “Chair Massage Business and Promotions” Webinar replay $47 value
  • Sample Chair Massage Introduction Letters for Corporate and Small Business  $40 value
  • 2 Flyers for In-Office Chair Massage and Special Event Chair Massage which you can customize with your business info (Word and fillable PDF) $50 value
  • Sign-up Sheet, Mini Intake Form, Prize Drawing Ticket templates, Table Sign Ideas, and more! $40 value
  • 10 Marketing Images for promoting chair massage on social media (memes!), on your website, email newsletter, flyers, brochures, etc! $50 value
  • 4 Large High-Quality Stock Chair Massage Images optimized for web but usable anywhere! $40 value
  • 4 Facebook Ad Images these are beautiful stock chair massage images $40 value
  • “In-Office Massage” Blog Article that you can use for promoting chair massage, plus blog header images $45 value
  • “Make Your Next Event Special with Chair Massage” Blog Article for promoting chair massage, plus blog header images $45 value

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