Increase your massage therapy income with these simple upselling techniques

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A couple of weeks ago I was checking into a hotel at the beach. I was very happy with my room, until I went back down to the lobby and heard the receptionist offer someone else oceanfront with a kitchenette for $10 more! I needed and wanted a kitchen and I would have taken it if it was offered. I have no idea why she didn’t offer me all of my options, but I wasn’t very happy about it. It’s so important to let clients know their options, they may want more!

If you have extra time in your schedule, upgrades are a great way to fill that time and increase your income for the day as well. As long as we offer services that can truly be a benefit to our client, even if they say no, they will appreciate your offer.

1. Got extra time? Offer 15-30 more minutes of massage time for their favorite body part or to accomplish more in the session. Sounds like this: “Sally I know how much you love your feet worked on. I happen to have a little extra time in my schedule, would you like to add that today?” No pressure, just an option people love choices.

2. Offer options on the phone as well. If someone calls for a 30 minute session offer a 45 and 60 minute. They may have a Gift Card for the 30 minute and be happy to pay for the upgrade.

3. Hot stones, back scrubs, and other enhancements. Offer these based on your consultation. I just learned this from a co-worker with a sales background and it is genius! I felt like I was a waitress going through the daily specials and I didn’t like it. “Would you like to add back stones to your session today? They feel wonderful on tight shoulder muscles.” Or “How about a back scrub with your massage today? It feels and smells amazing and it’s great for dry skin.”

If the clients says “NO, thanks” just reply “Ok, great. I just want to make sure you know all that we have to offer.” That is just plain old good customer service. Have no attachment to whether they upgrade or not, just offer 1-2 additional options. Follow your instincts as to when to offer an upgrade, sometimes you can just tell they are in a hurry, or not having it! In general I offer upgrades to about half of my clients, and about half of those say yes.

What works for you? Share your tips in the comments below!

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