Keep More of Your Hard Earned Money This Year, New Years Checklist!

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New year’s check list, keep more of your hard earned $ in 2014 !!

1.     Look through all of your monthly bills, and see if you are using everything you are being charged for. Call each company you get a bill from, and ask if they have any promotional rates available (or loyal customer rates). If you get a no the first time ask for a supervisor. This usually works for phone, internet, and cable. Be careful some promotional offers will increase your bill after the promotion. It’s a pain; you might want to just do one bill per day. The saving will be worth it though. If you can save even $10 per month on three different bills that is $360 over the year. To me that is worth and hour or two on the phone. Plus you might save a lot more!

2.     Call your credit card companies and ask for a lower rate. I just got 1% interest for 3 months, then 9.99% for 9 months. I plan to have the card paid off before it goes up again!

3.     Before you buy anything online Google the company name and “coupon code.” I usually save 10-15% on supplies with coupon codes.

4.     Look into all of your insurance, things change you may not need what you did when you set up your policies. Get all of your options so you can make the right insurance choices, and possibly save money too.

5.     Track every penny you spend for one week. Chances are you will probably discover some money “leaks” that you can stop up! Save that money toward your continuing education or a vacation.

I wish you a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR


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