Keeping in Touch with Massage and Spa Clients During COVID-19

Keeping in Touch with Massage and Spa Clients During COVID-19

COVID-19 has definitely affected the way we interact with our clients – we have had to move to a more online and impersonal communication system which has proved tricky for many of us – after all, we work in service-based, personal businesses that rely a lot on the power of touch.

According to the National Federation of Independent Business, we are not alone in feeling the effects of the current situation. Even back in April, a quarter of small business owners were reporting that the coronavirus outbreak had affected their business negatively, with slower sales (42%), supply chain disruptions (39%) and sick employees (4%) all slowing things down. Now that things are starting to slowly open back up again, however, it’s time to tempt your clients back out of hiding and get things moving once again.

Making customers feel safe again

The key to attracting people back to your massage or spa business will be safety; people have ben frightened into staying away and so they may need a little handholding. Use your social media and email communications proactively to explain to them what you’ve put in place on your premises to help prevent the spread of COVID-19

Write a blog post or a newsletter that you can send out to all of your customers and post it on your social media too. Add some images to your business Instagram feed of any physical changes that you’ve made and explain why. Make sure that past and future clients know how much you’re doing to protect their health when they visit your business premises. 

You might also think about writing about the cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene protocols you’re going to be following when you open, and that you’ll definitely be enforcing self-quarantine rules. Have you deep-cleaned? Make sure that you mention this. It might seem like overkill, but people are still scared, and all the reassurances you can give them will help tempt them back to you.

Increase your social media presence

Many of your customers might still be at home, and social media use is up over the past few months. Make the most of their increased usage by ramping up your own presence.

As well as giving them the information you need to encourage them to book an appointment when you’re open, consider adding extra fun content that will make people smile and take people’s minds off of the doom and gloom. There are so many funny memes about the pandemic, appeal to your clients’ sense of humor!

Create a selection of great online deals

Now is the time to remind your customers that they can buy their favorite products from you, even if they can’t book in for a massage or a spa treatment. You could also offer an incentive such as a discount on more than one item or some other offer to encourage them to shop online. This also gives you an opportunity to tell them about opening, online booking for future appointments and more. Perhaps you could also offer online gift certificates so that they can rebook with you as soon as you open for business. In addition to maintaining sales, it also gives people something nice to look forward to when the world tentatively gets back to normal.

Make sure that clients know they can get in touch with you virtually; offer advanced online booking and give them the option to chat to you via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and other instant messaging platforms. If you want to offer consultations and advice, you could even try Skype or Face Timing clients so that they feel as if they are getting the personal attention from you that they love.

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