Long Term Goals for Your Massage Business and Life

Long Term Goals for Your Massage Business and Life

In order to succeed, you must have long term focus. ~ Tony Robbins

I read that quote from Tony Robbins this morning and it was spot on for me! How true is that? How true is it that it can be difficult to stay focused through the busyness of life, the (inevitable) setbacks, and the hard work? Long term focus is something that many people struggle with, and many people give up on, but those that don’t will rise to the top! I have a few tips that help me to stay focused. I’ve realized a lot of dreams over the past 20 years, and I feel like I’m just getting started. I’ve owned several successful massage & spa businesses, written books, started teaching, purchased my dream farmhouse, and started a successful online business. What I’ve learned so far is you have to stay MOTIVATED daily, look at MISTAKES as education, and just KEEP GOING. This can be easier said than done.

I’ve made so many mistakes, married the wrong guy, quit good jobs, mismanaged money, made bad hiring & business decisions, and every single bit of it has been a step on my path. I’m determined to lean from my mistakes, regroup, and adjust course accordingly. After having a good cry about it!

So, here’s a few tips, to help you to stay focused on your long term goals. Think about what you really want, and let’s go!

1. Motivate daily. Listen, read or watch something to get you excited, and pumped up. Like that quote from Tony Robbins this morning! 🙂
2. Focus on your goals. Meditate on them, write them and speak them into existence. Daily.
3. Figure out what you can learn from your mistakes, and make a PLAN to not repeat them. Get help if you need to.
4. Take ACTION, your dreams aren’t going to make themselves come true YOU have to do it. For example, today I opened a bank account and put $25 in it. That’s my beach house fund, and now it’s REAL, and it’s ON!

Have an amazing day!

Gael **massage marketing mentor** Wood

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