Lucky Me?!

Lucky Me?!

Lucky 🍀 ME!?

I posted this photo of my old business card today with this message:

One of my first business cards! Not to pretty, but it worked 👍
It worked BECAUSE I made hundreds of biz card magnets and put them in hundreds of vacation rentals.

💡If you are going to do something, go all in!
💙 Better done than perfect 👌
💃🏼 Keep going and keep improving

And received this comment >>> “Lucky you, that you live in a destination area.”

Yes, I am lucky, but my “destination area” has a year round population of 800 people! We have tourists in the summer and a few weeks in the winter (during our pitiful ski season).

I like to pay bills and eat year round, so I certainly didn’t put all my eggs in the tourist basket! Yes, we put our business card magnets in vacation rentals (this strategy would also work for long term rentals, new developments, neighborhood welcome wagons) but the REAL win was the real estate agents and other employees that came in to see us. I gave them 15% off because their housekeeping staff was putting out our magnets.

It was the same strategy with rack cards, the rack cards work. However, I would always gain new clients and appointments in the book from talking to business owners and their staff in person.

People liked us, saw the effort we were putting out and wanted to support our small business. <3

Anytime we were slow I went out and pounded the pavement, after doing any follow ups and sending emails of course! Yes, I am very lucky. 😉

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