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I wanted to talk to you about how you can make money in your massage business, and have a lot of fun sharing massage, by teaching couples massage in your local community.

If you’re anything like me, sometimes you get bored with being in the treatment room all the time…. It’s really fun to do something different, reach a different audience, and have additional streams of income. So, couples massage can help you to do that.

One option is to get a class together, either yourself, or through an organization in your community, like a YMCA, or a church, and have a class for a group of couples. Anywhere from three, to eight – ten couples, learning how to do basic massage techniques from you. They can experience the benefits of massage at home, and with each other. This is going to reach a little bit of a different audience than our regular weekly massage clients.

These are people that want to benefit from massage, but maybe they feel like they can’t afford to get a massage every week or two. They’re going to do massage at home, and then probably also still treat themselves to a professional massage every now and then as well. You also might get some people that just love learning and want to learn a new skill. They’re not necessarily massage people that would ever go to the spa. So, it’s going to give you a way reach some different groups of people.

You’ll probably also get some new clients once you get out there to promote your class. You’ll meet people through the event venue too. It’s just another way to network, and get your name out there, get your business name out there, and meet people who are interested in massage. If you’re signing up for a massage class, or hosting a massage class, you probably have some interest in massage. That would be the most common way to make money from teaching couples massage and get new clients.

You could also add couples massage lesson to your menu, if you don’t want to try and put an event together. You could do a couple’s lesson, where they come in, take turns on the table, and you show them some basic massage techniques that they can use at home. You can promote that as a fun date, a great learning experience, and just to have something unique on your menu. You can charge well for it too. I would take your hourly fee, and then add teaching, so I would probably close to double that. You might give them some massage oil to take home, some handouts so they can remember what to do. It’s a fun way to teach couples massage without having to put a full event together.

The other way you could make money with couple’s massage is to have somebody come in and do a video of you teaching couples massage. Then you’ve got an online class that you can sell repeatedly, for years to come. You could figure out the search engine optimization with that, and that’s a great way to reach people anywhere in the world, and you’ve got your first online product!

Those are some of the ways that you can make more money, you could get out there and meet new people, and you can have a lot of fun sharing your massage skills in a new and different way.

I  have a course that gives you more details on how to plan your costs, how to advertise it, and how to be successful if you do want to teach couples massage. This is a very detailed class with a complete lesson plan for teaching a group class, that you can modify for a one-on-one lesson.

I also give you handouts so that you can use during your class, as well as the step by step massage techniques to keep it simple, a newsletter article you can use to promote your class, and done for you images. It’s the complete package of everything that you need to get started with teaching couples massage.

Learn to Teach Couples Massage Online Workshop!

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  1. Tammy Zinser

    I am curious if you need any type of business license to ‘teach’ other people massage? (I am a licensed therapist)

  2. Marina oosthuizen

    Pampering for You

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