Marketing from your Heart!

Marketing from your Heart!

Do you dread marketing your massage business, or feel nervous telling people what you do, and asking them to book an appointment?

Well, I used to, guess it’s the introvert that I am. I felt like I was asking for MONEY! It wasn’t until I really realized that I needed to take my personal money issues 100% out of the equation and focus 100% on letting the world know about my business, letting clients know ALL of their options for services and follow up care and speak from my heart without money hang ups that I really saw a huge shift and success in my massage business. Marketing can be fun, and creative. Interactions with clients can be professional and relaxed once you let go of the worry of what other people are thinking.

Letting go of your fears, money blocks, and limitations will free you up to create the fun and successful practice that supports you and serves your community.

  • Recommend services, upgrades and products based on your clients needs and wants. Don’t worry about your paycheck or their wallet.
  • What we do has VALUE people pay for what helps them and improves their lives. Be confident in the value of your services.
  • Ask for referrals, it’s a great way to build your clientele. Your clients will be helping their friends by referring them to you, it’s a win-win.

This is what I teach and preach and help people with everyday, through classes, ebooks and membership programs.

Let me help you reach all of your goals.

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