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I wanted to share with you some ideas for marketing your business with content! A blog post doesn’t have to be a long researched article, it could just be a picture and a health tip. Keep it simple, and be consistent. Create your own content, or check out my content club and let me do it for you. It’s on special this month, check out the details below.

  • Add your business information to quote pictures using or
  • Post images with your info, and comments to social media. Alternatively, you could just type your business information in when you post. I use and for social media posting.
  • Add quote pictures to your email newsletters. Email 2-4 times per month!
  • Add quote pictures to your website or blog.
  • Use articles about the benefits of massage, and other health/wellness topics for newsletter articles, blog posts, or add them as content to your website (such as FAQ’s). Do all three! Recycle and reuse your content.
    Share parts of your blog or newsletter articles as social media posts. Add quote pictures or download free photos from
  • Print flyers or postcards. Check out the US Post Office Every Door Direct Mail Services.
  • Share your blog posts to social media, this will bring people to your website.
  • Try Facebook ads, with picture quotes or photos. Try boosting your posts, think long term, Facebook doesn’t always pay off immediately, but many people are seeing your business.
  • Use recipes and tips to create shorter newsletters and remind your clients about your availability, and/or current promotions.
  • Use specials and promotions to keep your services fresh and to have something fun/new to talk about.
  • Add your specials and promotions to your newsletters with a call to action for clients to book, and practice good self and preventative care.

Do what you feel comfortable with, and keep trying different things. These are just suggestions to get you started!

Introducing The Marketing Content Club!!

Each monthly content package includes:

  • Three newsletter articles about a massage topic, you can send these out in email, print them, and use them for fresh blog posts. $225 value
  • Three ads you can use to get clients in the door, these ads will sell the benefits and results of coming to see you! $47 Value
  • 15 Massage Memes (aka Social Media Images) plus all current holiday images,  you can add your info to these and post them on social media, add to your newsletter and use on your website. $100 ++ value
  • Additional content to send in extra newsletters, post on your social networks and use in any way you want. This will include healthy recipes, stretches, spa recipes, fun massage facts, and health tips. $75 Value
  • Facebook Cover Images $40 Value
  • Facebook Ad Images $25 Value
  • PLUS great tutorials and training bonuses to help get you started with your marketing content.
  • Total Value of OVER $400 per month!! Your Price: only $19.95 per month. 

If you were to outsource this each month is would cost you at least $400 per month!! If you were to create all if this content each month, it would take at least 10 hours per month!! You get it all for $19.95 per month.

Consistency is the key to marketing, did you know a potential client needs to see your information 5-12 times before they call. With this program you will be able to get great content out to your list, and social media every day. Take my content, add your personal touches and hit send!

It would take you HOURS to create all this yourself, not to mention hours doing research and figuring out what to post! But, I’ll do all of this for you for ONLY $19.95 a month. This is a month to month subscription, if you no longer need new content, you can unsubscribe at any time. If you need massage clients in the door, you can’t afford to miss out on this!

Check out what other therapists are saying about my programs:

“I followed all of your advice Gael and WOW this has helped tremendous. I have got more likes, shares and even bookings where before I was using my Facebook page to advertise my offers I am now sharing different topics which clients absolutely love, quotes etc., and the response has been tremendous this absolutely works. Thanks again Gael.” Sharon Brown UK

“Thank you for helping me get my business on track and helping me stayed focused on want i want to achieve.” Petrina LMT on the 30 day massage marketing bootcamp

“Just watched the video, thanks so much, Gael! My page has been set up for a few months but I appreciate the hints and info, and ideas that make perfect sense but I never considered until you put a voice to them. Looks like I have some fun editing ahead.” Stephanie M – Massage Therapist

What are you waiting for?? Sign up now for immediate access to your bonus content and your first content package! You’ll have everything you need to market and grow your massage business, and income. See you in the Club. Gael

Content Club FAQ’S

What if I don’t need new marketing content anymore? You can easily cancel your subscription from your account page or by emailing us.

Do I need a computer to access and use the content club materials? Yes, it is recommended. You will need to download your materials to customize them and use them in your newsletters and marketing. Everything you download  is yours to keep and use forever.

How will I know what to do with everything? Your first content package contains a welcome audio with ideas for how to use your materials, a marketing checklist, additional resources that I recommend and a video training on editing your content club quote pictures on, so the you can add your business information.



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  1. Vumanekile

    I am a massage therapist who have just started a business as a mobile massage therapist.

  2. I thought you provided some great marketing insight for business growth. It seems like you have a very solid membership platform with conveniently pre-packaged deals. Do you have any thoughts about a business utilizing a lead generation source in addition to your marketing strategies? Thanks for putting out such meaningful content to help people know what’s available to them!

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